Anne in Rhyme Land: The Movie | Thank You from CEO(6)

Thank You From Tiina Hazelett, CEO

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each person who helped to make Anne In Rhyme Land: The Movie possible. This was truly a group effort, and each person's effort, however large or small, made a difference.

Those who have not yet been mentioned in the credits deserve a place in the spotlight too. Many thanks to:

  • Taylor Frazier: Systems Superstar & Welcome Concierge
  • Adam Wiedner & Caleb Kanagaratnam: Movie Production
  • Bekah Stump: Photography
  • Rick Frazier: Anne In Rhyme Land Graphic Art
  • Krista Lehman: Kate's Kart Founder & Director
  • Beverly Spell: Co-Author & Owner of Leap 'N Learn, Author of the original Anne In Rhyme Land, Consultant

I am deeply grateful for each person's role in this production. It truly would not be the same without input from each and every one of you. Thank you for making this dream come true!