Impact Program | Teacher Training For Students


About The Impact Program
This is a great opportunity for students who may have an interest in teaching dance someday.

Learning to teach is different than learning to dance, and the Impact Program is designed to train teacher hopefuls in the intricacies of effective instruction and provide valuable classroom experience and leadership development under the mentorship of a skilled teacher.

You will be trained, evaluated and held accountable for showing progress in the qualities necessary for effective teaching in all age groups.

Pure Dance Works students ages 12-18 who have completed at least one semester of classes are eligible to apply to become a member of the Impact Program. Potential members must consistently demonstrate kindness, respect, and responsibility. 

This program has three tiers: Helper, Assistant, and Student Teacher.

Cadets: Helpers (Ages 12-14)
Cadets do not need any formal training; simply a desire to shadow a teacher and help out in class – reading stories, tying shoes, handing out props, running music, etc.

Cadets gain valuable classroom experience and leadership development by participating in class and observing the teacher each week. 


Mates: Assistants  (Ages 12-18)
Mates assist the Instructor in class, and over the course of the year will be given small sections of the class to lead. Mates may fill in as substitutes for Cadets and other Mates, and on a rare occasion, for the Instructor.

Upon acceptance into the program, Mates must successfully complete the required Impact Training Course. 

This course consists of 12 hours of study, including training in learning styles, classroom management and conduct, musicality, and vocabulary, writing lesson plans for various styles of dance, and assistant roles and responsibilities in the classroom. Students complete 5 online training modules (one hour max per module), a 2-hour. session at the studio with the Impact Coordinator, and 5 hours of classroom observation time.

The cost for the Impact Training Course is $100. 

Skippers: Student Teachers (Ages 16-18)
Skippers are Student Teachers with compensation for their leadership abilities, and perhaps one day may become full-fledged adult teachers.

Skippers whose applications are accepted are given their own class(es) to teach and are compensated with a tuition credit towards the cost of their own classes.

Skippers may be called on to substitute teach or assist in a variety of classes held at the studio. 

Students ages 16-18 who have successfully completed the Impact Training Course and have served as a Cadet and/or Mate for at least two years may apply to become a Skipper.


Volunteer Hour Requirement Fulfilment
Students who participate in the Cadet or Mate programs may report their hours as volunteer service to the National Honor Society or any other program requiring volunteer hours.


Expectations Of All Members
Impact Team Members are required to uphold high standards as model students and follow specific expectations. 

Please click here to view the policies and expectations for all Impact Members

Ready To Apply? ​
Click here to fill out the application for all levels of the Impact Program

  • There is a student section and a parent section; be sure the appropriate person fills out each section.
  • Once you have been accepted, you and your parents will sign a social contract with your specific hours and responsibilities listed.

Your participation in this progressive leadership development program will help to build a solid foundation for future opportunities.

We look forward to receiving your application, and if you are placed in a classroom, watching you blossom under the mentorship of an experienced instructor this year!