What can I expect?

Your child will be delighted with every class! You can expect to be a part of a positive place that is run professionally and trains students progressively. Our students are polite, and above all, everything we do is pure on purpose. There are no concerns here about music, apparel, costumes, or moves being inappropriate.

Everything we do is designed to engage, encourage, and inspire our students to be a positive force for good in our community.

We exist to delight students with classes that they love, help them discover cultures and history through the lens of dance, and to develop them into proficient artists and confident leaders who will, in turn, make a positive impact on others.


What if my child has never taken a dance class before? 

Not to worry! Beginners are welcome here, and you or your child will flourish in our developmentally-based program that utilizes professionally designed curricula guaranteed to move every student from square one through graduation.


What times are your classes?

There are a variety of days and times to choose from during the school year season. These include daytime options for toddlers and preschoolers, and after-school and after-work hours Monday - Thursday for children of all ages. 

Sumer class times vary. These may be offered any time Monday - Saturday depending on the class. 

Please visit the Classes page to view the current class schedule.


Where are you located?

We are in Fort Wayne, IN on the corner on Union Chapel and Coldwater Roads in the Watersong Office Park. Click here for directions.


What happens if my child misses a class?

No problem; our easy online Make-Up Scheduler allows you to choose from a list of available make-up classes for weekly students. Enrolled students get up to nine free make-up classes per year.


How long are weekly classes?

Classes range from 45 - 90 minutes weekly.


What is the average class size?

All class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student gets adequate attention. In addition, small class sizes help to facilitate a calm learning environment for our young students. Assistants are present in most classes for children ages 6 and under.

Age: Max Enrollment

  • Dewdrop 18 months - 3 years with a grown-up: 10
  • 3 Year-Olds: 8 
  • 4 Year-Olds: 10
  • Ages 5 And Up: 12


Do you have a money-back guarantee? 

Yes! You have 48 hours after the first class to let us know if you do not wish to keep your child enrolled for any reason. We will happily refund your first month's fee. Check out the complete details HERE.


What will my child need to wear to class? 

All classes follow a specific dress code. Please see the Dress Code Page for complete details. Good news! One uniform top and bottom per student is INCLUDED annually as part of your Super Simple Monthly Fees. 


How do I choose the correct class for my child? 

Dewdrop | Toddlers

Toddlers who are at least 18 months old and steady on their feet through three-years-old will join a Dewdrop class along with a grown-up. Just pick the class time that is most convenient for you. Zero experience is expected from either participant - you'll love learning together!


Sparkle | Ages 3-6

Sparkle students attend class independently.

The child's age on October 1 of the current school year determines his or her placement in class. Choose the appropriate age group for your child's class based on his or her age as of Oct. 1.

Sparkle class numbers refer to the age of the students. For example, if your child's age is 3 as of October 1, he or she will be in Sparkle 3 Ballet. 

We train Sparkle students based on the safe boundaries of their developmental abilities, which means we don’t push young children beyond what their body is physically ready to do.  This extends to social, emotional, and cognitive developmental abilities as well - each area of a child’s development is intentionally nurtured in every class.

The Leap 'N Learn curriculum we use for ages 3-6 is specifically designed for the developmental abilities and progression of each age group over a 9 month period. For this reason, the age requirements are strictly adhered to.

For parents of the child with the oh-so-close early October birthday, it may help to realize that the cut-off date is a grace period that runs from the time classes begin in late August until October 1. In almost all cases, students benefit from being the oldest in a class rather than the youngest, especially when they are new to dance.


Ripple | Ages 7-18

Students ages 7-18 are part of our Ripple Program and are carefully placed at the best level for their age and experience, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged without being overwhelmed.

New To Dance

Students who are 7-9 years old as of October 1 and new to dance will begin in a *Ripple 1 class in the style(s) of their choice.

New dancers who are 10 or older as of October 1 may begin in Ripple 1 or may opt to begin in Ripple 2 with a minimum of 6 private catch-up lessons. Private catch-up lessons are taken in conjunction with the group class and allow the teacher and student to work on the specific skills needed to feel confident and keep up in class. 

New To Pure Dance Works With Previous Dance Training

Students who are 7 years old as of October 1 will begin at Pure Dance Works in Ripple 1 regardless of previous experience. At this age, students are physically and cognitively ready to begin the transition from a pre-and primary-level class into the true study of dance technique. 

Students ages 8-9 who have recent dance training in the same style in which they wish to enroll are usually ready for Ripple 2.

If your child is 10 or older with previous experience, please contact the office to discuss the best level at which to begin.

All transfer students will be assessed to determine the most appropriate level for their age and ability. Typically we will start a transfer student in the lowest potential level based on their training and then move them up if needed after assessing their abilities. We would never want to move a new student down.

*We refer to our levels for ages 7 and up as Ripples. Ripple 1 is equivalent to Level 1.


What is Leap ‘N Learn?

Leap 'N Learn is an early-childhood dance training program co-authored by a clinical child psychologist and master ballet instructor. Studios must meet certain criteria and be licensed to use the program, and Leap 'N Learn provides mandatory training and certification for all teachers.

Pure Dance Works is proud to be a Leap 'N Learn studio. We utilize the methodology and curriculum in our Dewdrop and Sparkle Programs.  Kids and parents alike love it! Why?

Kids love to play. Parents want to know that their kids are learning and progressing. Leap 'N Learn is based on the premise that play is a child’s job; it’s how they learn.  

Dewdrop & Sparkle Students are delighted to come to dance when they discover the imaginative storylines woven throughout their classes. Young students develop a solid foundation in dance technique and artistry while pretending to be princesses or princes, flamingos, fairies, baby birds, zebras, elephants and mice, and so much more. 

As kids get older, we continue to incorporate the pretend play they love into every class while introducing more technical activities and terms. By six years old students are well-versed in French ballet terminology, tap technique, hip hop jargon, or musical theater style jazz basics, depending on their class(es).

The emphasis on using our Dancer Manners in every class means that students are respectful and polite, which results in a safe, calm learning environment and maximized use of classroom time. 

The developmental- and education-based lesson plans guarantee that our students are being nurtured physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

The foundation being laid during these years produces confident dancers who are prepared to achieve success in their ongoing dance training. You can click here to learn more about the world-renowned Leap ‘N Learn Program.


What about COVID precautions?

Please visit our COVID-19 Action Plan page for current details.


Want more details or have other questions?

You may email Info@puredanceworks.com or call 260-637-9660 and your questions will be answered quickly!


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