Anne in Rhyme Land: The Movie | Donation Acknowledgments(5)

Donation Acknowledgments

When our ticket sales evaporated, the decision to go on with the show meant going out on a limb, as we suddenly had no production budget.

Many parents have generously donated funds to help cover the expenses associated with producing Anne In Rhyme Land: The Movie.

Special Thanks To...

Donor In Honor Of
Mary Kate Dohl Jane Dohl
Katy Hering Jada Hering
Stephanie Foote Clara Foote
Sheila Gillett Rebecca Gillet
Nicholas Basham Fred & Ben Basham
Rebecca Relue Phoebe Relue
Molly Frappier Olivia & Abby Frappier
Krsita Schaffer Olivia Schaffer
Angela Hess Natalie Hess
Mandy Shrock Savannah Shrock
Jennifer Boling Addison Boling
Charlene Knepper Ziva Knepper
Andrea Woodgeard Caity Woodgeard
Laura Rodriguez Addison Rodriguez
Roxanne Melendez Sofia Melendez
Ali Halilovic Ema Halilovic
Rebecca Fruth Meghan Fruth
Paula Iverson Makenna Iverson
Jennifer Knorr Victoria Knorr
Lindsay Coudron Myla Coudron
Julie Stark Abigail, Elijah, & Joshua Stark
Kate Wloszek Madelyn Wloszek
Christina Ford Hailey Ford

Donations are listed in the order they were received. Updated 6/26/20.

It's not too late to donate! Add your child's name to this page by donating HERE.