Ripple Program

Charting Your Path

You control your dance destiny! Ages 7 and older can choose from a variety of styles that will challenge you and help you soar to new heights of achievement.

Choose Your Favorites:

  • Beauty of Ballet
  • Pizzaz of Jazz
  • Hype of Hip Hop
  • Tightness of Tap
  • Melody of Musical Theatre

You will develop technique and artistry that produce an ever-increasing level of performance quality as you progress through the Ripple levels:

Ripple 1 | Beginner | Year 1 | Ages 7-9

Ripple 2 | Beginner/Intermediate | Years 2-3 | Minimum Age 8

Ripple 3 | Intermediate | Year 4 | Minimum Age 10

Ripple 4 | Intermediate/Advanced | Years 5-6 Minimum Age 11

Ripple 5 | Advanced | Year 7 | Minimum Age 13


At the conclusion of Ripple 5, dancers graduate from the Ripple program and enter the Grad Collab.

Known as "The Entertainers," these advanced dancers collaborate on creating choreography with peers under their teacher's guidance as they continue to hone their technique and artistry.

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Classes meet once per week for 45-90 minutes, and it's easy to design a convenient personalized schedule based on your interests and abilities.


Attained ability and experience are more important than age when considering level placement. Continuing students are leveled up each summer when they have consistently demonstrated proficient skill development at their current level. Transfer students will be assessed and placed in the proper level by the instructor.

Older beginners (ages 10+) may start in Ripple 1, or they may take a series of private catch up classes in conjunction with Ripple 2 classes. 

Parental Involvement

Parents are invited into the classroom at set times during the year to observe your child's progress. You are encouraged to watch class on the monitors occasionally and engage your child in conversation about what they are working on.

Each week The Navigator email communicates a few details of the overall monthly objectives and movement concepts being presented; this is a great tool for discussion starters. Important dates, events, and other pertinent information are also highlighted in The Navigator. 

Teachers make a point to connect with parents, though this can be tricky with back to back teaching schedules. If you would like to chat with a teacher or the CEO, please consult our Welcome Concierge and she will be happy to set up a meeting for you.


At a minimum, each May students perform in an enchanting stage production. Students enrolled as of 12/31 will perform the following May.  

A fabulous costume is included in your simple class fees, plus a video file of the show!

Other performance opportunities are presented throughout the year as well. 


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What To Wear?

Ripple students wear a uniform featuring the color that represents their level.

Upon enrollment, you will be sent an interactive form that allows you to select the perfect uniform style and size in your color!

Psst...Girls can choose from a variety of leotards; pick the one that suits your personality and body type best! 

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Super Simple Pricing

Parents want to know what enrolling their child in dance will really cost.

Our Super Simple transparent pricing makes it easy!

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Impact Team

Ripple students ages 12 and up can apply to become a part of the Impact Team.

Members help in Sparkle Program classes as teacher trainees.

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