Little Dancer Series



Little Dancer Series FAQ

Q: Who is this class for? 
A: Any 3-6 year old! Current and new students are welcome.

Q: If my child has never danced before, is this class for her?
A: Absolutely! No experience necessary!

Q: Can my child attend just this one day?
A: Yes! Little Dancer Series are stand-alone Splash Classes offered periodically by Pure Dance Works. There is no obligation to continue.

Q: What should my child wear to a Little Dancer Series Event?
A: Dancewear, costumes, or everyday clothing all work. Just be sure your child is comfortable and can move easily in whatever she wears. 

Q: Is this a drop off event, or do parents stay?
A: Little Dancer Series Events are 2-hour classes for children only. Parents are welcome to leave during the event.  

Q: What is included?
A: Little Dancers will enjoy a dance class, stories, and a visit from a princess. They will make a keepsake craft, and the princess will present them with a beautiful certificate, and a special gift. Be sure to snap a pic of your Little Dancer and the princess together before you head out!


She doesn't want to miss this.

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