The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On!
& How You Can Help


May 8, 2020 


Dear Parents,


There’s a familiar adage in the performing arts world: “The show must go on!” 


There are several reasons we hear this phrase.  Allow me to share Pure Dance Works’ top 3 reasons "The show must go on!" with you.


1. First and foremost in our minds at this time is our students. They have progressed wonderfully over the last nine months, and they’ve been anticipating the joy of performing for SO LONG. 


2. A close second is you, the parents. You have invested time, money, and support to provide your child with the opportunity to take classes. We know that part of your reward is the bliss of proudly watching your child perform. 


These two reasons are enough for me to make sure that the production of Anne In Rhyme Land "goes on." 


3. There is usually a third reason for the phrase. For a performing arts company, productions are a vital part of the business’s annual revenue. 


Under the current circumstances, however, Pure Dance Works will not earn any performance revenue in 2020. And yet we say, “The show must go on!”


Allow me to pull back the curtain and bring you behind the scenes for a moment.


Ticket sales typically cover the considerable costs associated with producing the spring performance at Pure Dance Works. This revenue also provides a slight cushion of financial stability as we head into the always-leaner summer season. 


Performance expenses include:

  • Theatre rental 
  • Professional fees: Lighting, Audio, Maintenace, Building Manager
  • Videography filming, editing, and production
  • Program design and printing
  • Props
  • Sets/Backdrops
  • Staff wages


Obviously, the current gathering restrictions prevent any possibility of having a live audience. In fact, we can’t even rent a theatre right now. 


That means that having dancers perform on a stage, even to an empty theatre with only students, staff, sound, light, and camera crew, is out of the question both financially and legally.


Thus, our pivot to producing a video in the studio. An in-studio production doesn’t come free though.


In bringing the production in-studio, we eliminate theatre rental and avoid paying professional fees except for the videographer. That helps.  We’ll also eliminate program design and printing to save an additional several hundred dollars. 


The other expenses typically covered by ticket sales, however, remain. Now we are digging into revenue from Super Simple Monthly Fees to cover production expenses. 


Despite this, we have committed to providing the following Performance Package to each student this year:

  • Costume
  • Performance T-shirt 
  • A professional video production of Anne In Rhyme Land: The Movie
  • Professional black backdrops to transform our studio to a stage.
  • An extended season - Originally planned and budgeted for 36 weeks, the 2019-2020 season has been extended to 39 weeks at no additional cost to parents. 
    • This has given the extended gathering rules time to go into effect so that we may re-open our doors to our students.


I have never considered canceling the performance. For a long time, I didn’t know what it was going to look like and contemplated many options. 


I always knew, though, that we would not take this opportunity from our students. They’ve already missed out on so much over the last 2 months of this school year. 


In light of all this, I am humbly asking you to think about making a donation to the studio to help cover the costs of “going on with the show.” 


Please consider giving a portion or all of what your family would have spent on tickets. 


The average price of a ticket this year would have been $15.00. Please click HERE to donate.


The show will go on no matter what. If you are willing to give any amount, however, I would be extremely grateful. 


All my best,



PS Click here to return to the PCP Main Page. But please donate first if you are able :). You may even consider sharing this request with grandparents or other audience members.