Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information 

This page is meant to provide general details for those interested in learning more about the benefits of  enrollment at Pure Dance Works.  Please be sure to read the entire Terms & Conditions agreement provided during registration for full policies and details of enrollment. 
Dress Code
Dance students are required to adhere to their specific class dress code. Please see the Dancewear page for details. There are different requirements for short term and full term classes. Kindermusik students and caregivers should wear any comfortable, easy to move in clothing and socks to class. 

Kindermusik students are placed in class based on their age at the start of the semester (August 20 and January 7). Multi-Age classes are available to allow siblings to attend class together.

Placement for dance students ages 3-7 is based on their age as of 10/1. Because children in this age range have similar developmental abilities and classes are kept small, the amount of experience or level of ability rarely, if ever, affects these placements. 

Students ages 8 and up are placed based on experience and skill level according to the table below. 

Level Age Group Notes
Level 1 / A Ages 7-10 Beginning 10 year olds enroll in Level 1
Level 2 / B Ages 10-13 10 year olds with at least 1 year of experience enroll in Level 2
Level 3 / C Ages 13+ Experienced dancers only; Beginners enroll in Level 2
Level 4 / C Advanced Teacher Approval Required

What's up with Level 1 and Level A? Why the numbers and letters?

1, 2, 3, 4 Number level classes are ballet, tap & jazz. These are more technique based; students need a certain set of prerequisite skills to be successful in class. Older beginners are allowed to start in a level 2 class due to their advanced cognitive and physical capabilities. It's a good idea for true beginners in a level 2 class to take some private lessons to help them come up to speed with their class. Level 4 students must demonstrate an advanced proficiency in the dance style and obtain teacher approval for enrollment.

A, B, C Letter level classes are hip hop and musical theatre. These are less technique based styles and more based on the student's level of cognitive and physical, development. Students whose age appears in more than one age group (10 & 13) may generally enroll in either level.

This framework serves students well and causes a ripple effect by allowing new and experienced students in a close age range to inspire one another to new heights, even as everyone strives for personal progress. Teachers will assess students in class and make adjustment to their placement if needed.

Maximum / Minimum Enrollment
All classes have a maximum of 8-12 students.

    * Kindermusik Classes: 10 Max
    * Three Year-Old Dance Classes: 8 Max
    * Four-Year Old Dance Classes: 10 Max
    * Ages 5+ Dance Classes: 12 Max
All classes may require a minimum of 3 students enrolled to run.

Evergreen Enrollment
All classes offer evergreen enrollment, meaning that as long as there is space available in a short term or long term class, you can register for it. Sometimes people worry about enrolling in a class that has already begun; our philosophy is the sooner you start, the better. The developmentally-based aspect of our early childhood program means new students ages newborn - 8 years old will be presented with skills they are developmentally capable of in class. 

Automatic Re-Enrollment 
In order to provide a hassle-free registration process from year to year, students are considered rolling members of Pure Dance Works with the privilege of being automatically enrolled in the following term’s classes based on their progress before registration is open to the public.

Weather-Related Closing Policy
It is very rare that we cancel any class except for necessary weather-related closings. If the studio is closed, the cancellation will be posted in the News section of the Pure Dance Works Home page, and an email will also be sent out to all affected classes. When we cancel a class, you may schedule a make-up class for your child on our Make Up Scheduler at your option and convenience.

Kindermusik students are full-term students. Classes meet for 36 weeks in two semesters. 
All-Inclusive Monthly Fees 
Kindermusik class payments include your annual registration fee, tuition, and home materials for your child and yourself. Home materials include a CD of the music from class, instruments, books, and suggested home activities and parenting tips.
No Performance 
Kindermusik students do not perform in the studios Annual production in May. 

A short term dance class is any class that does NOT meet for the full 36 week school year from late August to mid-May.
Tuition & Registration Fees 
Short term class fees consist of tuition and a new student registration fee for first time registrants. Fees must be paid in full at the time of enrollment in order to secure a spot in the class. No refunds are issued for cancellations made within one week of the class start date. 
No Performance 
There is no formal performance for short term classes. Instead, parents will be invited into the last class of the session for an informal presentation of what students have learned. 

Full term classes meet for 36 weeks during the school year and have a formal performance in May. These are our standard dance classes where students will make significant progress.
All-Inclusive Monthly Fees 
All-inclusive pricing is a fabulous benefit that combines typical class-related fees and packages them into consistent budgeted monthly payments that parents can depend on for the full term. All-inclusive pricing means parents know exactly how much their | child’s participation in class will cost, and they will NOT have variable, random fees due throughout the year! The all-inclusive price package includes the annual registration fee, tuition, a class leotard or studio t-shirt (depending on class dress code), performance & rehearsal fees, performance costume, and a video file of the performance. Please see the Prices page for complete pricing details.
Performance Participation 
Pure Dance Works produces a captivating dance story each spring. This public performance is held at an off-site venue in late May. All dance students enrolled by December 31 participate in the performance. Students enrolling on or after January 1 will not participate in the performance, but will still participate fully in class and will receive two tickets to the performance. Typically, two performances are staged each year with each class performing in one. This may vary depending on circumstances from year to year. Families with children enrolled in multiple classes may have children in multiple shows, though we make every effort to minimize this. All audience members must purchase a ticket for the performance. 

If you have any other questions regarding the policies at Pure Dance Works, please reach out to us at 260-637-9660 or info@puredanceworks.com.

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