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Sparkle students are immersed in an imagination rich environment where learning is guaranteed. The use of props during each class nurtures an understanding of the concepts presented. Certified Leap 'N Learn instructors care for each dancer individually, instilling a love of dance and proper etiquette in every class. Pre-schoolers begin in ballet, while school-aged students may opt for ballet, musical theatre, tap and/or hip hop. Each class has a required dress code, and each student gets their leotard or t-shirt at no additional cost annually. Small class sizes and structure promote progress & happiness.


Placement is based on the student's age as of October 1.  Tight age groups ensure classmates possess similar developmental abilities. Lesson plans intentionally foster physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth throughout early childhood. Students progress from Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 through Primary Ballet 1 & 2 and/or Primary Levels of musical theatre, tap, and hip hop. Once they are 7, dancers are ready to graduate to the Ripple Program.

Parental Involvement

We partner with parents in preserving childhood innocence, nurturing confident leadership, and creating all-around great human beings. Children receive a weekly coloring sheet; use it to ask questions about what they learned in class. Ask your child to teach YOU how to do what the picture shows. You will be invited to class during specific weeks to enjoy watching your child's progress. Each week you'll get The Navigator studio update email containing information regarding your child's class and upcoming important dates and events. Please read it faithfully to be in the know.


Each May students perform in an enchanting stage production. Students enrolled as of 12/31 will perform the following May.  Siblings and students in multiple classes may be cast in different shows. Students must attend the required rehearsals in order to perform. Parents are not permitted backstage, and all audience members over 2 years old must purchase a ticket. A fabulous costume is included in your class fees, plus a video file of the show.

How To Choose The Right Class

Because our beloved Sparkle Program is based on developmental ability, it's easy to choose the right class for your child! Simply enroll in the level that corresponds to his or her age as of October 1 of the current school year. Three-and four-year-olds delight in ballet, while five- and six-year-olds may expand their horizons to include ballet, tap, musical theatre, and hip hop.

The Leap 'N Learn curricula that forms the basis of our early childhood dance program focuses on enchanting moments that share the magic of movement with children. Intentional lesson plans nurture developmental progress in the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional domains while building a solid foundation in dance.

What makes Leap 'N Learn stand out from other dance programs is a deep understanding of the progression of movement and the application of proven early childhood development methods throughout the curriculum. Students only work on exercises for which they are physically and mentally ready. The age-specific class levels, combined with developmentally-appropriate lesson plans, create an engaging and positive environment where children thrive.

Pre-Ballet 1 | Age 3 As Of 10/1

Students are introduced to body movement, spatial awareness, and pretend play through creative movement and basic pre-ballet coordination skills. Classes focus on social skills including listening to and following instructions, taking turns & respecting others in a loving atmosphere. Imagination abounds in every class; there's a storyline for every activity! Props such as beanie babies and placement mats keep dancers' attention and instill important movement concepts. Enroll Here

Pre-Ballet 2 | Age 4 As Of 10/1

Students continue to hone their pre-ballet skills and social skills in a sensory-rich pretend play environment. Students are introduced to basic French terminology of ballet terms as they progress towards primary ballet skills over the course of the class. Props such as ribbon rings and rhythm instruments facilitate learning concepts while keeping dancers' attention. Enroll Here

Primary Ballet 1 | Age 5 As Of 10/1

Five-year-old's increased muscle strength & control  & greater cognitive capabilities allow dancers work turned out a majority of the time. Students learn more complex arm positions and more intricate group movement patterns along with an increased knowledge of  French terminology. Exercises to increase musical awareness, balance, agility and gross motor development continue to be practiced. Imaginative storylines and the use of props such as silk flowers and scarves foster creativity and artistry, & provide a deeper understanding of concepts presented in class. Enroll Here

Primary Ballet 2 | Age 6 As Of 10/1

Sixes perform steps with greater complexity, and while pretend play still has a role in class, this class is the beginning of the transition program into the study of classical ballet. Students perform many of the exercises turned-out and practice combining steps to form a dance combination. Each class focuses on French terminology, musical awareness, creative movement concepts, balance, agility, and gross motor development. Enroll Here

Sparkle Broadway | Musical Theatre, Tap, & Hip Hop

Fives and sixes delight in the jazzy song and dance routines of musical theatre, the staccato rhythm of tap, and the upbeat groove of hip hop. Students discover exciting musical styles and develop specialized dance technique. Lesson plans intentionally nurture students as they develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills needed for class and for life. Combine one of these classes with a foundational ballet class, or take it a la carte. Enroll Here

Super Simple All-Inclusive Pricing

Enrollment Fee

A $20 enrollment fee reserves your child's place in class. 

Pro-Rated First Month's Payment

You may enroll at any time. If you enroll after the class start date, we will gladly pro-rate the remainder of the current monthly fee. An invoice will be provided upon enrollment.

Super Simple Monthly Fees

Monthly class fees include most required items, making payments simple and predictable for families. On the first of each month, your $78 Super Simple Monthly Class Fee will be auto-collected. All of the following is included:

  • Tuition | Tuition for weekly classes.
  • Top Every class has a required leotard or t-shirt. Each student receives theirs on the first day of class. Continuing students receive one new leo or t-shirt annually.
  • Class Materials | Students receive age-specific materials to enhance their development as a dancer. Students need to bring their class materials to class weekly.
  • The Navigator Weekly Email Update | Parents want to know what's going on in their child's classroom and within the studio. Weekly email updates share current objectives, important dates & events, and other pertinent studio information.

Performance Package The real icing on the cake of your super simple monthly fees is that they are inclusive of your child's performance package. Students are eligible for the Performance Package in May of the calendar year following their initial enrollment. Students must enroll by 12/31 to perform in the show at the end of the current school year.

  • T-shirt | Students receive a keepsake performance t-shirt that may be worn to classes that allow PDW t-shirts as part of the dress code. 
  • Costume | A beautiful or handsome costume, including tights if needed, and all accessories.
  • Rehearsal Fees Performance and rehearsal fees are covered under your monthly payments.
  • Video File | A video file of the performance to enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

View Schedule & Enroll Here



View Schedule & Enroll Here