Kindermusik classes are the perfect First Class for your child. Kindermusik is a well-researched, developmentally based music program for babies through early elementary students. Bond with your newborn in class and watch with joy as your baby discovers rhythm in songs and stories deigned to enrapture children as they absorb musical knowledge and skill through imagination-filled class activities. As children grow, they develop the ability to hear and to keep a beat and count music; children who have participated in Kindermusik classes truly have a leg up when beginning dance or instrument lessons. Kindermusik activities also nurture pre-reading and pre-math skills and build social skills in all age groups. A home kit is included in your registration, so your child will enjoy the music, stories from class, plus and an instrument of their own at home! Your child will progress musically, cognitively and socially as a Kindermusik student. Find out what classes we offer for your family below, and become a Kindermusik family today!

Mixed Ages | Kindermusik for Ages 6 Months -7 Years

Delightful Kindermusik Mixed Ages classes allow siblings and a caregiver to discover music together. Mixed Ages is also appropriate for single kids and a caregiver who prefer a mixed age setting for their child or simply prefer the class day and time. Your kids will develop musical, social and cognitive skills as they play instruments, sing songs, listen to stories and move, move, move together! Bring them all to a weekly Kindermusik class; you’ll all make good friends and create precious family memories. Your kids will be gaining a solid ability to recognize and produce rhythm. Kindermusik lessons truly prepare kids for dance or instrument lessons, plus reading and math readiness skills. They will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning. But you’ll see it all unfold before your very eyes; you’ll be impressed with what they are learning and proud of the people they are becoming. 

Foundations - Kindermusik For Ages 0-18 Months

Village is a caregiver/child music class that guarantees cuddles, discovery, and connection every single week. Kids will enjoy music, stories, and instruments along side one of their favorite adults. Special bonding activites will ensure that your time together in class is precious. Adults will love participating with their little charge AND interacting with other adults who are in the same stage of life. Little lives are nurtured from milestone to milestone, and beautiful communities are formed as friendships blossom at Kindermusik.

Level 2 | Kindermusik For 18 Months - 3 Years

Your toddler is guaranteed giggles, wiggles & growth every single Our Time Class. Kids will enjoy music, stories, games and instruments along side one of their favorite adults. Adults will love participating in the fun with their now-mobile kiddo, AND the with growing community of adults who are on this journey with you. Watch as your child develops relationships in class and enjoys interacting with other kids. Several at-home activity ideas are provided as part of the curriculum, so you can continue the fun and learning at home!

Level 3 |  Kindermusik For Ages 3-4Preschoolers will adore Imagine That, a class that will keep them on their toes and start to foster their independence. Kids will enjoy music, stories, games and instruments alongside friends and the teacher for the first 30 minutes, and then their adult joins them for the last 15 minutes for “together” activities and a chance to see what the children are learning. Students discover a world of music and friends, and are so proud to show off their developing skills and have a chance to play with their favorite “classmate” at the end of class each week. 

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