Meet Lily

Meet Lily! She’s A Star Here At Pure Dance Works!
By Tiina Hazelett on July 23, 2018

We would like to introduce you to Lily.

Lily has been a student at Pure Dance Works for 4 years now - but you would not recognize that ballerina bowing from center stage from the timid little girl who graced our classrooms as a 3 year old.

When Lily first joined Pure Dance Works at age 3, she was very shy. She came to class faithfully and participated well in group activities. But Lily was very hesitant to do anything that involved dancing by herself.


At the beginning of every 3-6 year old ballet class, students sit in a circle, clapping their hands and tapping their knees to the beat of the music. Everyone gets a chance to “dance around the circle” alone, according to the teacher’s instruction. This lets kids be the center of attention for a few seconds and offers them a bit of creative license, and it allows the teacher to assess how everyone is doing with a particular skill or concept.


Lily wanted nothing to do with going around the circle alone for a good long while. She’d go with the teacher, but never alone. At the start of her second term, the teacher suggested to mom that Lily be offered a reward outside of class if she could work up the courage to go around the circle alone. The offer of an ice cream treat did the trick. Lily decided to go for it, and from that day forward, you could literally see her beaming with confidence.


She has continued to blossom in ballet, and now Lily is THRIVING! In fact, her 6 year old ballet class performed as Lotus Blossoms in Pure Dance Works production of Hope’s Journey.


We recently caught up with Lily, now 7, to see how she feels about dance these days.

Q:  What part of ballet class do you really love?

A: “When we do the dance recital.”


Q: How did you feel about dancing onstage as a Lotus Blossom in Hope’s Journey?

A: "I loved everything about it!"


Q: Do you have any goals as a dancer?

A: "Do my best."


Q: Is there a certain skill you’d like to to learn?

A: "I like 'The Nutcracker' and I want to learn to dance en pointe."


Q: What class(es) do you want to take in the future?

A: "Just ballet!"

Celebrating our beautiful students is our greatest joy. Helping YOUR child to blossom with confidence and discover a new passion is the heart of what you can expect here at Pure Dance Works. It’s inspiring to see what is possible with patience, love, and a little ice cream!


Fly high, Miss Lily!