photo Anne Fernandes

Anne's favorite pastime is reading in a quiet place. If she can sneak off to the Mocha Lounge, all the better.

That's pretty rare though, as she and her husband run a household of five children, one dog, and two cats.

Anne is a homeschool mom, physical therapist, novice knitter, and loves to swim and dance; especially tap dancing! Anne knows how to keep things moving, and she has a real knack for nurturing progress in all of her endeavors.

photo Annika Kroeker

Annika has been performing in musicals and dancing since she was a young child.

When she needs a break, she loves to relax by journaling and preserving her memories. If she's feeling crafty, calligraphy is one of her loves.

Annika lives with her parents, siblings, and dog, Elsbeth.

A teacher at heart, besides teaching dance, Annika instructs students in strings, Latin, and English. She enjoys witnessing the delight on a student's face when they have one of those lightbulb moments.  

photo Carolann Byer

Carolann loves adventure! She enjoys travel and exploring and counts backpacking and working out as her hobbies. 

Some of her strengths include adaptability, activator, empathy, and maximizer. As a teacher, Carolann is very interested in getting to know and understand her students as individuals. She takes great delight in helping dancers to maximize their personal potential. 

Her favorite color is yellow, and she adores the Fort Wayne Classics: Pint & Slice and Cindy's Diner. Plus Chipotle :).

A fun fact about Carolann is that as a pre-professional ballerina and accomplished gymnast, she has GREAT balance; she can hold a handstand basically forever. 

photo Lauren Bemisderfer

Lauren loves reading and watching movies with her family. Her favorite book series is Kingdom Keepers, which is kind of perfect for a Sparkle Ballet teacher. Lots of imagination and adventure there!

Some of Lauren's top strengths are communication, being a relator, includer, and an achiever. Her unique blend makes students feel loved even as she gently prompts them to do their very best. 

Her other "hobby" is ballet; as a current pre-professional student dancing 6 days per week, Lauren has her sights set on becoming a professional ballerina one day soon. 

In her free time, she loves being Aunt Lauren to her niece. Her favorite color is yellow, and she revels in long bike rides.

photo Madelyn Shankster

Madelyn has a great rapport with little dancers. For one thing, her favorite color is lavender, which is a mature variation on the popular "purple;" a favorite among Sparkle Students. Her aim is to teach with positivity, leaving her dancers with better form and in a better mood at the end of every class. 

Madelyn enjoys crocheting, cycling, doing yoga, dancing, pilates, and BAKING! Especially cookies :). Yum. One of her favorite restaurants is the Mellow Mushroom, a higher order of pizza place that regrettably has no locations in Fort Wayne. Yet.

Her dog's name is Pablo, and a favorite book series is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


photo Samantha Stoiche

Sam's go-to drink is a coconut lavender latte from Mocha Lounge. She loves long walks downtown while listening to one of her twenty (20!) weekly podcasts.

One of Sam's favorite jobs has been working with children with disabilities as a respite caregiver. One of her driving desires in life is to make a positive impact through real connection with children.

Fun fact, Sam is a Classical Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano, which means she can sing really loud. On a good day, her high C can reach 110 dB which is the equivalent of some rock concerts!

Sam's cats are named Magenta and Mel. A favorite book is The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis.


photo Taylor Frazier

Taylor is your friendly Welcome Concierge and the studio's Operational Excellence Officer.  She has a smile for everyone who comes through the door at Pure Dance Works, and she handles vital behind the scene tasks with elegance and ease. 

Her strengths include empathy, activator, maximizer, adaptability, and communication. She blends all of these beautifully and adds her own sparkle to all things customer service, event planning, administration tasks, and more. 

A fun fact about Taylor is that she lived in Germany for a few years as a teen.

Taylor enjoys decorating her home, traveling (especially Disney), and anything "dessert!" An avid gift giver, Taylor is the person you want to draw your name for Secret Santa. Favorite hangouts include Chik-Fil-A with her sweet kiddos, Baker Street with hubby Rick, and Target (solo!). 

photo Tiina Hazelett

Tiina is the founder of Pure Dance Works and serves as the CEO or Cheif Enchantment Officer.

She is the mom of three mostly grown-up young ladies and the wife of one awesome husband. Her pets are Iivi and Lebam. 

Tiina highly values anything having to do with stories for the entertainment and educational opportunities they provide. That's probably why her very favorite role is leading Sparkle 3 and 4 ballerinas through a class full of imagery pretend play.  

Tiina enjoys reading and watching historical fiction,  playing long board games, being outside in warm weather, and traveling. She loves taking tours of any place, and she thinks that being a tour guide in later life would be the icing on the cake.