Performance Synopsis 2021

Spring 2021 Performance Synopsis

The storyline is currently being revealed one act per week for three weeks. 

The week of February 1, 2021, students will learn the title of the performance and find out which role they play in the story.

Act I

Once upon a time, there was a charming village by the sea. Every year the Villagers threw a Blossom festival in celebration of their greatest local treasure: flowers. Everyone dressed in their finest and came out to celebrate. 

Many ships filled the nearby harbor. Some brought famous entertainers, such as magicians and dancers. Other ships were laden with fabulous fabrics, splendid spices, and other goods from far away. One was even a pirate ship! 

There was a princess living in the castle above the village. The Princess loved to watch the festivities from her tower each year. But this year was special; the princess would accompany her mother, the Queen, for the first time, on her annual appearance at the festival.

The Royals would arrive in the morning and enjoy a bit of the frivolity. They would grace their subjects with a royal dance. But they never stayed very long, and soon traveled back to the castle while the Blossom Festival carried on all day long.

The villagers were taken by the princess’ beauty and grace. As they admired her debut dance, a group of friendly pirates made their way up to the fair from their ship. As much as the villagers adored their princess, this unexpected visit from the pirates caused quite a flurry of excitement. The pirates were known for their nimble dancing, so the villagers turned their attention to the newcomers. 

Somewhat offended at this abrupt brush off, the queen and her court huffed toward their carriage. The princess, however, was enchanted at the idea of meeting a real live pirate and lingered behind to watch. 

As the crowd erupts in cheers at the end of the pirate’s dance, the flower sellers emerge to begin the most cherished tradition of the Blossom Festival. Villagers give one another flowers to celebrate their friendship. The flower sellers are a bit starstruck to discover both the princess AND the pirate in their midst. Eager to recognize both of them with respect, they begin trying to outdo the other by bestowing flower after flower on the princess and the pirate. Charmed, the sweet princess and plucky pirate eventually said, “Enough! Let’s just dance!”

Meanwhile, the Queen and her Court realized that the Princess was not with them. The Queen arrived back at the town square to see her darling daughter, the princess, dancing with a lowly pirate. The audacity! The Queen insists that the princess come away at once. The princess begs to watch one more performance, and the Queen, who dotes on her daughter, relents. She returns to the carriage to wait for her.

The pirates have promised to introduce the princess to their friends at the wharf and show her their ship. This is a chance the princess cannot resist. As the performance is happening, the princess sneaks off with her new friends, the pirates.