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We loved it ! Very nice place , the girls are super thrilled about dancing and I think this is the right place to go. Thanks for the demo  classes!!

-M. James

Ella very much enjoys coming every week. We have really noticed her improving with not talking out of turn.

Kirsten Lane

Rebecca loves ballet with Tiina and all that goes with it: the coloring pages, stickers, props, etc!!

Mom of a 4 Year-Old Student

Jules has learned so much this year! Tiina does a great job teaching the girls and keeping them engaged!

Erin Lents

Wonderful job. We love Pure Dance and hopefully will be back next year with our other daughter too.

Laura Garcia

Kiersten has absolutely flourished during this ballet session! Her balance has gotten a lot better and all the stretching really has helped her tight muscles (from the CP). The things that you do with her in dance class have translated to better balance and coordination, and confidence in her everyday life! Thank you so much for your kindness and patience! 

JaNae Fannin

Elaina has really enjoyed your class and frequently dances at home. She always asks when we get to go see Ms. Tiina! Thank you so much for your patience!

Mom of a 3 Year-Old Student

Lelia loves class. She was upset to hear there wasn't ballet over the summer.

Heather Brown

We love the age appropriate activities and learning different types of movements. It seems like the star system is effective for my daughter. We loved ballet class! My daughter looked forward to class every week and would teach her sister what she learned when she got home.

Abby Wolfe

Alyssa loves the teachers and looks up to them. Loved the coloring sheets so we could talk it over after class. The website it great and easy to use.

Kristy Cirillo

I love how well the teachers handled some difficult situations [with students] that arose early in the class.

Mom of a 3 Year-Old Student

Olivia loves this class, talks about it all week, and wishes she could come everyday.

Dominique Carmer

I loved getting the coloring sheets so I could see what she learned every week.

Amanda Hernandez

We wanted to let you know how much our daughter enjoyed her dance classes this year. You definitely have a gift when it comes to teaching children. Thank you for all that you have done! Dance class is the highlight of her week!

Mom of a 4 year-old student

Thank you Tiina for helping Kelsey continue to grow in her love of ballet! We are grateful or your kindness to her.

Mom of a 4 year-old dancer

Emma loves coming to ballet! Thank you.

Mom of a 3 Yr Old Student

Elise LOVES her teacher and is so excited to come to dance class each week! I have been impressed with her instructors and couldn't be happier with how excited she is to share everything she has learned each day with us at home!

Becky Case

Kyli loves dance with Mrs. Tiina.

Bri Hicov

Great job, Tiina and team! You have a wonderful ministry and heart to teach others!

Mom of a 4 Yr Old Student

We love our time at PDW. My daughter loves coming to class and enjoys her teachers.

Mom of a 4 Yr Old Student

I love Tiina and so does my daughter. I am so impressed with how she runs class and interacts with her students. I love how she incorporates so many life lessons into her dance class. She does so much in one hour!

Amber Franz

Miss Tiina was amazing! Very developmentally appropriate, held good control of the class in a very kind way. Love the curriculum for this age too.

Meredith Gaines

Tiina does a great job at redirecting and correcting the children's improper behavior. Very respectful but there is no question of what behavior is expected. I appreciate that ballet is taught, not a bunch of games!

Mom of a 5 Yr Old Student

We were absolutely pleased with every aspect of Chloe's ballet class. Chloe loved having Miss Tiina as a teacher and felt very comfortable with her. I loved the format of the class and really felt that Chloe learned a lot. I was very impressed on how well Miss Tiina kept the girls engaged in the class.

Kelly Michell

The class was a lot of fun for my daughter. Looking forward to the next class.

Mom of a 5 Yr Old Student

We love it here. Keep up the great work you do!

Mom of a 5 Yr Old Student

Thank you for working with my daughter and me. At 3 years old my daughter is not only enjoying learning more about ballet, she is developing her listening skills by doing as the teacher instructs and learning how to respect others by interacting with other children her age. I appreciate all that Pure Dance Works is doing for my daughter.

Jamie Gordon

Meredith LOVED this class. Thank you!

Steph Schumacher

We've been very happy with Pure Dance Works!

Mom of a 3 Yr Old Student


Julie Veerkamp

Love the curriculum, interaction, activities...

Mom of a 4 Year Old Student

My daughter has improved in following directions, and paying attention. 

Mom of a 4 Yr Old Student

The teachers are great! This is a wonderful program.

Kate Hayhow

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