Adult Tap

Heather Bemisderfer
Pure Dance Works: 1 (location map)
Monday, 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM
Start Date: 08/20/18
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 05/13/19


Adult dance classes are open to men and women ages 18+ who have a passion for dance. No prior experience is required. Classes are generally taught at a beginner/intermediate level to best accommodate most students. Private catch up lessons are available upon request.

Nuts & Bolts:
Adult classes run 36 weeks. They are non-performing. Payments are made by the month, and you are free to begin or stop at any time during the school year. Tuition that has been paid is non-refundable. You can halt future monthly payments at any time. Adult dress code is any modest dance or athletic apparel in good repair that allows for easy movement. No bare midriffs/torsos, plunging necklines, or booty shorts without tights are allowed. Hair needs to be secured, and we suggest only small piercings and wedding rings be worn for safety. Proper shoes for the dance style are required. 

Monthly Fees Include: Registration Fee, Tuition, and T-shirt or Leotard (your choice)
45 Minute Classes: $52
60 Minute Classes: $61

Just like our 36 week children's classes, the first of 10 payments is made at registration to hold your spot, and the remaining 9 payments will be auto-charged September 1 - May 1 unless you cancel.

Upcoming Meetings
03/25/19    7:30 PM Monday 03/25/19 7:30 PM
04/01/19    <None> Monday (Spring Break) 04/01/19
(Spring Break)
04/08/19    7:30 PM Monday 04/08/19 7:30 PM
04/15/19    7:30 PM Monday 04/15/19 7:30 PM
04/22/19    7:30 PM Monday 04/22/19 7:30 PM
04/29/19    7:30 PM Monday 04/29/19 7:30 PM
05/06/19    7:30 PM Monday 05/06/19 7:30 PM
05/13/19    7:30 PM Monday 05/13/19 7:30 PM