Pre-Ballet 1 (3's Ballet)

Brook Sullivan
Pure Dance Works: 2 (location map)
Thursday, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Start Date: 08/23/18
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 5/16/18

Pre-Ballet 1 is a weekly sixty minute ballet classes specifically designed for children who are three years old by October 1 of the school year in which class begins.

Students are introduced to body movement, spacial awareness, and pretend play through creative movement and basic pre-ballet coordination skills using the Leap 'N Learn curriculum. Classes also focus on important social skills necessary for any learning environment including listening to and following instructions, taking turns & respecting others in a loving atmosphere. Imagination abounds in every class...from prince and princess plies to dancing in self space like seaweed or dancing through general space like fish, there's a story line for every activity! Props such as scarves and rhythm instruments facilitate learning concepts, keep dancers' attention and help make class FUN!

This class is designed with the typical physical, social, emotional and cognitive developmental abilities of 3 year olds in mind. Children must be 3 by October 1 to enroll in classes. Because the curriculum is based on the age and corresponding developmental abilities of children in the fall and progresses incrementally throughout the school year, strict adherence to the age requirement is enforce.

Dress code for 3's is the Balera mulberry pinch front tank leotard, ballet pink dance tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. All hair must be secured in a bun or pony tail; a bun is prefred.

All apparel is available at the studio. The required leotard is included in your All-Inclusive Monthly Fee!

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