Beginning Ballet I

Kayla Stump
Pure Dance Works: 2 (location map)
Wednesday, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Start Date: 08/22/18
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 5/15/18

A weekly 75 minute class that has been created to transition 7 year old dancers into the study of classical ballet. Students must be seven by October 1 of the school year in which class begins. 

Preparatory Ballet is structured in a format similar to a traditional classical ballet class; however, in keeping with the developmental needs of children in the seven-year age range, this class is a combination of traditional formal technique training and a creative approach to learning movement. It is in this level the young dancers begin training at the barre. As compared to primary level ballet classes, preparatory students are exposed to more complex and intricate positions, movements and patterns that are a part of the study of classical ballet. 

This class meets once per week, though students are VERY strongly encouraged to take two classes per week by dual enrolling in a second Prepartory Ballet or a Primary Ballet 2 class. At this age, students benefit greatly from two classes per week in order to facilitate proper skill development. Attending class twice per week also enhances muscle memory, a vital asset to a developing ballet dancer.

This class is designed with the typical physical, social, emotional and cognitive developmental abilities of 7 year olds in mind. Children must be 7 by October 1 to enroll in Preparatory Ballet. Because the curriculum is based on the age and corresponding developmental abilities of children in the fall and progresses incrementally throughout the school year, strict adherence to the age requirement is enforced.

Dress code is the Revolution black tank pinch front leotard, ballet pink footed dance tights and pink leather ballet shoes. Hair must be secured in a bun.

All apparel is available at the studio. The required leotard is included in your All-Inclusive Monthly Fee!

--> Turning seven is a big deal! Prepatory Ballet students are encouraged to take two ballet classes per week, and they may also choose from jazz, hip hop, tap, or musical theatre for even more dancing fun! Ballet is recommended first as it is the foundational class for other styles of dance, but students may choose whatever styles are most attractive to them.

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