Beginning/Intermediate Tap

Heather Bemisderfer
Pure Dance Works: 2 (location map)
Monday, 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM
Start Date: 08/20/18
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 5/13/18

Beginning/Intermediate Tap is for continuing* tap students who have had at least one year of tap since the age of 7 and are 8 years old at a minimum. 

*Older beginners ages 9+ may begin in this class with a co-requisite at least 6 private catch-up lessons. Catch-up lessons are charged at the current private lesson rate and may be scheduled individually or as a group of older beginners. 

Tap students will thrill to the rhythm of their own feet as they progress through our tap curriculum. Detailed musical awareness is a vital part of any tap program, along with careful layered skill building for each individual dancer. 

Currenly there are three levels of tap for students ages 7-18. Tappers may repeat a level for more than one year; this is normal and does not indicate that the student is not progressing. 

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