Lyrical 3 (Pre- & Co-Requisite of Ballet or Jazz)

Savannah Serban
Pure Dance Works: 2 (map and directions)
Thursday, 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM
Start Date: 08/24/17
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 05/10/18

Lyrical 3 is an advanced level class for students who have previous ballet or jazz experience and as well as at least two year's lyrical experience. Students must posses at least an upper intermediate skill level in at least one of these styles. Minimium age is 10. A co-requisite of ballet (recommended) and/or jazz is required to enroll in lyrical.  Students will be assessed the first month of class to ensure proper level placement and proper  skill progression training.

Lyrical can be described as a fusion of ballet, modern and contemporary dance. This expressive style tells the story of a song's lyrics. 

Lyrical students wear a black tank pinch front leotard and ballet pink OR tan dance tights. Solid black dance shorts, pants or skirt are optional. Required shoes are Pirouette II Half Sole Lyrical Shoes in Nude. All hair must be secured in a bun, pony tail or braid.