Super Simple Pricing

Fully Transparent Pricing Makes Your Life Easier! Wise parents often wonder how much it will REALLY cost when they enroll their child in a class. No one wants to be surprised by unexpected fees. This is a fair question. 

Besides tuition, families enrolled in a dance or music program will usually be required to pay for other items such as a class uniform, performance costumes, materials, rehearsal fees, annual registration fees, performance tickets and other performance related items. We roll almost all of your required fees into an easy monthly payment so that you can rest easy, knowing that you will not have inconvenient fees pop up throughout the year.

This page is designed to give parents a heads-up with a clear explanation of their child's fees over the course of a typical year at Pure Dance Works.

There are basically 5 things you can pay for at Pure Dance Works:

  1. Weekly Class Membership (With Generous Inclusions)
  2. A La Carte Classes
  3. Apparel
  4. Optional Dance Convention
  5. Optional Performance-Related Items.

This page breaks down all prices so that parents have a crystal clear understanding of required and optional costs.

Enrollment in weekly classes is ongoing and provides a hassle-free way to select recommended classes for upcoming seasons.

  • Weekly classes meet once a week for 44 weeks out of the year; 36 weeks during the school year and 8 weeks in the summer.
  • New intakes occur each season, though students may register in a class at ANY time provided there is space available.  
  • Dance students will participate in an enchanting spring performance in May of the calendar year following their initial enrollment.
  • You may withdraw your enrollment at any time by requesting and completing an official withdrawal form.

Enrollment Fee
All new students enrolling in a weekly class pay an enrollment fee of $50 at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable and one-time only. There is no recurring annual registration fee. 

Super Simple Pricing 
Super Simple Pricing combines most class-related fees and packages them into consistent, budgeted payments that parents can depend on. Super Simple Pricing means parents will never be surprised with variable, random fees throughout the year. Monthly class fees are auto-charged to your card on file on the 1st of every month, beginning on the 1st of the month following your enrollment.
The Kindermusik Super Simple Price Package Is $66/Month & Includes:
  • One 45 Minute Class Once Per Week
  • Tuition
  • A Beautiful, Durable, & Child Safe Home Kit Each Semester That Includes: 
    • Books
    • Instruments
    • A Whimsical Storage Container
  • A Celebration Playdate & Materials In May
  • Priority, Hassle-Free Registration In The Class Time Of Your Choice For The Following Season 
The Dance Super Simple Price Package Is $75*/Month & Includes:
  • One 60* Minute Class Once Per Week
  • Tuition
  • Leotard or T-shirt Annually
  • Performance Costume
  • Rehearsal & Performance Fees
  • Video File of Performance
  • Priority, Hassle-Free Registration In The Class Time(s) Of Your Choice For The Following Season 
*As of 6/1/19, all dance classes will be 60 minutes long once/week. As of 8/1/19 all dance classes will be $78/month.

Requirements for items such as tights or shoes vary by class and may be purchased separately or reused from previous years. The studio keeps boxes of used shoes, tights and leotards that current students may have for use in their current class. 

Splash classes are special a la carte classes that do not meet weekly.

Splash Class Types &  Pricing:

  • Kindermusik Camp | $100
  • Little Dancer Series Classes | $30 Each
  • Dance! Sing! Act! Camp | $44 - $220 
  • Private Lessons | $60/Hr 

Splash Details:

  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Mini in-studio performance for parents at the conclusion of the class.
  • Payment is required in full at the time of registration to hold a student's spot in class.
  • Private Lessons:
    • Private lessons may be scheduled in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments.
    • One time private lessons may be paid at the desk prior to the lesson.
    • On-going private lessons will be charged in advance on the first of each month to a card on file.
    • Privates may be taken as desired or required by current students to catch-up in a group class. 
    • Students may inquire about private dance or voice class if they simply prefer private instruction or have an event coming up such as a pageant, talent show, wedding/ballroom, etc.
    • Private students do not participate in the spring performance. 

All classes have a required dress code. Please see the Dress Code page for complete details. Weekly classes have a specific dress code while Splash classes are more relaxed. The leotard or t-shirt required for weekly classes is included in the monthly price of class. Additional required and optional items may be purchased at the studio. Below is a sample of prices for our most popular items. Particular items of varying quality may be available at other prices (basic tap shoes vs. premium tap shoes, for instance).
  • T-Shirt $20
  • Leotard $20
  • Tights $14
  • Ballet Shoes $19
  • Jazz Shoes $39
  • Tap Shoes $27
  • Lyrical Shoes $19
  • Hip Hop Sneakers $25
    All apparel prices will have 7% Indiana Sales Tax added to the retail price.

Dance Revolution Convention - Highly Recommended
Each year all dancers ages 6+ are invited to attend the Dance Revolution Convention in Chicago in February. This exciting trip opens up a whole new world of dance to our students, inspiring and challenging them to new heights. Attendance at Dance Revolution is optional but highly recommended. Registration happens in December, and the cost for the convention is around $200 per dancer. Individual hotel and travel expenses are arranged and paid separately by parents. A weekend at Dance Revolution makes a fabulous Christmas or birthday gift for the dancer on your list!

Performance-Related Optional Items

Each dance student will participate in an enchanting performance in May of the calendar year following their initial enrollment. The student's costume(s), rehearsal fees, and a video file of the performance are all covered in your super simple monthly class fees.
Other purchases related to the performance will vary by family. Non-included performance items are:
  • Tickets $12-$17, half price for 2nd show
  • Photos (Per Photographer's Current Pricing)
  • Flowers $10 - $20
  • Performance T-Shirt $20*
  • Program Ads or Student Spotlight: $10 - $250

*Starting in May, 2020, a performance t-shirt will be inlcuded as part of the super simple monthly class fees.

This pricing information is provided as a service to current and prospective customers in order to have a clear understanding the costs involved in a dance class experience at Pure Dance Works. Prices are subject to change, and while we do update this page as needed, prices listed here are not guaranteed. This page was last updated 5/2/19.