Ripple Dress Code Catalogue

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Your Super Simple Monthly Fees INCLUDE: 

A Leotard + Tights


A T-shirt + Pants

For Each Student Annually

 Additional items may be purchased separately if desired. Shoes and skirts are not included.

Ladies’ Dress Code

  • Ballet: Ripple Leotard of your choice + pink tights.

    • Ripples 1-3 wear pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.

    • Ripple 4 pre-pointe students begin wearing pointe shoes when the instructor confirms readiness.

    • Ripple 5 students dance en pointe. 

  • Jazz: Ripple Leotard of your choice + pink or tan tights, tan pull-on jazz shoes

  • Tap: Ripple Leotard of your choice + pink or tan tights, any style black tap shoes

  • Hip Hop & Musical Theatre

    • Apparel Choices

      • Pure Dance Works Ripple T-shirt + Pure Dance Works pants/shorts OR 

      • Ripple Leotard of your choice + any combination of pink or tan tights and/or Pure Dance Works pants/shorts

    • Hip Hop Shoes:

      • Class: There is no requirement to buy specific shoes - any clean sneaker works.

      • Performance: Specific shoes that match the class costume must be purchased separately by April at the latest.

    • Musical Theatre Shoes: Tan pull-on jazz shoes

  • Ripples 4 & 5, Any Dance Style

    • Dancers may add a coordinating Ripple Level skirt to your leotard and tights. 


Gentlemen’s Dress Code, All Classes

  • Ripple Level T-shirt 

    • Ripple 1: Marine

    • Ripple 2: Peacock

    • Ripple 3: Royal

    • Ripple 4: Dark Teal

    • Ripple 5: Navy

  • Pure Dance Works pants or shorts

  • Black or white socks

  • Boy’s Shoes

    • Ballet: Black leather or canvas ballet shoes

    • Jazz and Musical Theatre: Black slip-on jazz shoes

    • Tap: Black tap shoes, any style

    • Hip Hop: Any clean sneaker for class. Specific performance shoes purchased separately

↪Students in multiple Ripple Levels may wear the color for their highest Ripple Level to all classes.