Our Programs

Our Programs

Our current program progression is becoming organized under new names! This will take full effect by August of 2019.  The program offerings are the same; they are just being grouped into easy-to-understand categories. Plus, there are a couple of exciting new options for dedicated dancers. 

  • Dewdrop: Our cherished baby program that focuses on nurturing tiny lives  as they unfold. Caregivers are supported and guided in providing stimulating experiences for their little ones. Infants begin in Kindermusik Foundations and progress through Levels 1, 2, & 3 by the time they reach pre-schoool as 3 and 4 year-olds.
  • Sparkle: Our beloved early childhood program that focuses on enchanting moments that share the magic of movement with children aged 3-6 through the highly acclaimed Leap ‘N Learn curriculum. Intentional lesson plans foster developmental progress, and each level of accomplishment is celebrated as children move from pre-school abilities to primary level accomplishments. Class placement is based on the student’s age as of 10/1, and all classes have a twelve month age range to ensure similar developmental abilities at each level. ​​​​
  • Shine: Our individualized hip hop dance program for students ages 3-14 who have unique abilities. Based on the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance approach, classes are specially designed to meet the developmental goals of each student. Students attend class with a caregiver in order to receive one-on-one encouragement and assistance as needed. Classes are divided by age and developmental ability and are lead by trained and certified Rhythm Works instructors and assistants.
  • Ripple: Our signature program for children ages 7-18 that prepares students for the art of performing. As students progress through the Ripple Levels, their technique and artistry are honed in ever-increasing levels of competency. Our intention in this program is to develop dancers who are well-rounded performers as we continue to protect the innocence of childhood.
  • COMING AUGUST, 2019!
    Immerse: Our program for dedicated dancers ages 7-18 who desire a strong level of experience and are passionate about seeing a higher level of performance that focuses on purity of technique and quality of performance. Immerse consists of two options: The Ballet Branch and the Broadway Branch.
    • Ballet Branch: Students are assigned to two ballet classes weekly based on their ability, plus at least one elective of their choice within their attained level of experience.
    • Broadway Branch: Students are assigned to a jazz and musical theater class based on their ability, plus at least one elective of their choice based on their attained level of experience.

  • *Impact: Our leadership initiative program for students ages 12 -18 who aspire to become professional dance teachers, Impact participants apprentice as classroom helpers, assistants, and eventually, student teachers, as they progress through a graduated training program designed to prepare leaders in the studio, on stage, and beyond.
    *(New Name! Formerly the Assistant Teacher Training Program.)
  • Splash: A special set of a la carte classes for young performers designed to add a splash of delight throughout the year. These include the highly popular Little Dancer Series for ages 3-7 and Dance! Sing! Act! Camp for ages 5-12.

    • The Little Dancer Series classes are one-day events that consist of a 2 hour class based on a popular theme. Dancing, crafts, and delightful discovery sessions are rounded out with a special parent performance at noon.

    • This highly popular half day summer camp gives students an immersive experience of putting on a showcase in 5 days. It’s a lot of fun, with surprises every day. The core intention with Dance! Sing! Act! is to build confidence and concentrates on developing resilience within children.