Enrollment Agreement

Pure Dance Works Enrollment Agreement 

Updated 11/21/20  

  1. Liability Waiver and Release

    1. I understand and acknowledge that my child will be engaging in activities that may result in injury. My child has been cleared by his or her personal physician to take a class or I am choosing without their recommendation to allow my child to participate. Therefore, I hereby release, waive and discharge Pure Dance Works, LLC, its owners, and teachers, including any members, employees, agents, representatives, and assigns of and from any and every claim, demand, action, or right of action of whatever kind or nature, either in law or equity arising from or by reason of any bodily injury, personal injuries known or unknown, personal illness or property damage resulting from or to result from participating in class or any other activities at the studio, or other off-site locations.

    2. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any personal injury, illness, or other loss that may be sustained as a result of the participation in activities at Pure Dance Works. It is my express intent that this Waiver and Release shall bind me, the members of my family, spouse, heirs, assigns, and personal representatives. I understand that when classes or events are held off-site, this waiver applies to other locations.

  2. Placement The faculty at Pure Dance Works will ensure that students are placed in classes appropriate for their developmental and ability level. Students who are enrolled in a class beyond their ability will be transferred to an appropriate class where they can develop the skills necessary for proper progression.

  3. Dancer Manners Students must follow all studio rules as outlined in the Dancer Manners document. Students will not be allowed to dance without proper dress code or if they arrive after warm-ups. Students who do not choose to behave respectfully may be removed from class and may be dismissed from the studio.

  4. I Will Inform the Studio of Conditions That May Affect My Child This includes but is not limited to allergies, custody rulings, medical, physical, social, emotional, or cognitive conditions.

  5. Photo/Video/Audio Agreement and Release 

    1. I agree to allow photos and/or videos of my children and myself to be used in promotional material of any kind for Pure Dance Works, LLC during and after my child’s enrollment period.

    2. I understand that video and audio security footage may be recorded in the building at any time, and therefore understand that conversations and actions in the studios should not be considered private.

  6. Social Media Policies 

    1. I understand that the studio cannot police and is not responsible for photos, videos, or other content that others (parents, students, etc.) may post online of my children or myself while attending a class or event at or hosted by Pure Dance Works.

    2. I understand that I am responsible for what I post online, and am expected to use common courtesy and good judgment when posting photos, videos, or comments relating to students and staff at the studio. This includes avoiding slanderous or misleading comments and taking care not to post students’ private information such as names and locations. 

    3. Choreography is privately owned intellectual property and may not be posted in its entirety online without written permission from the studio Director. 

  7. Studio Correspondence I understand that email is the primary form of communication between the studio and parents. I agree to provide an active email address on my account, to opt-in to email communication, and to read all emails in a timely manner, being responsible to note important dates and events.

  8. Authorization To Charge My Card I authorize Pure Dance Works, LLC, to charge my card(s) on file for any service rendered, product provided, or late fees incurred. The primary card will be charged first, and if it fails, any other cards on the account may be charged.

  9. Returned Check Fee I agree to pay a $20 service charge plus any other applicable bank charges if my bank returns my check.

  10. 21 Day Missed Payment Process If a payment is missed for any reason, the 21 Day Missed Payment Process will be utilized starting from the day of the missed payment.  This includes a failed credit or debit card charge, a returned check, or failure to make payment at the time of purchase or service. An email will notify the account holder of the missed payment. When a credit or debit card transaction fails, no fees will be charged by your bank or credit card company. Consequences for a past-due balance are allocated over a 21 Day Missed Payment Process starting from the date the payment was due as follows:

Day 1
The account holder is notified of the missed payment. Ensuring that the payment can be processed before Day 7 will avoid late fees and keep the student's enrollment status at full standing. 
Day 7
If a payment is outstanding on the 7th day, the account will incur a $15 late fee. The balance on the account must be paid in full within seven days (by Day 14) to keep the student’s enrollment in full standing.
Day 14
If a balance remains on the account, the account will incur a late fee equal to 10% of the total balance, and the student's enrollment status will be paused. The student may not attend class until the account is paid in full.
If the payment is made in full with seven days (by Day 21), the student's account will be reactivated.

Day 21
If a balance remains on the account, the student's enrollment will be withdrawn, and the account payment plan will be suspended.  A new student may claim the withdrawn student's spot in the class.
Reinstating Enrollment After Day 21
If the balance is paid in full and the student’s spot remains open, the student’s enrollment status will be reinstated immediately upon receipt and the payment plan will resume starting from Day 21.
Make-Up Classes For Paused Enrollments
If a student misses class due to a paused enrollment, once the balance has been paid in full the parent may schedule make-up classes by following the regular make-up class policy. 

  1. Season Definitions

    1. Fall Season 

      1. Dewdrop classes meet for 10 weeks of the Fall Season and are non-performing.

      2. Also referred to as the School Year Season, this season includes all Sparkle and Ripple classes that begin in August (or are added August-December). The season runs 36 weeks from mid-late August until mid-late May, not counting Christmas and Spring Break.

    2. Winter Season 

      1. Dewdrop classes meet for 10 weeks during the Winter Season starting in January.

      2. New Sparkle and/or Ripple classes that begin in January. Duration varies from 4-16 weeks.

    3. Spring Season Dewdrop classes meet for 10 weeks during the Spring Season starting mid-March.

    4. Summer Season Any class that begins in June or July.

  2. SPLASH CLASS REGISTRATION POLICIES Splash classes are any class whose duration is one day to one week. There is no enrollment fee and new students who register for Splash Classes are not perpetually enrolled at Pure Dance Works if no further classes are chosen.

    1. Payments 

      1. Splash Classes Priced At $30 Or Less For New or Current Students Splash classes priced at $30 or less must be paid in full at the time of registration to secure a spot.

      2. Splash classes priced at $30 or more

        1. New Students

          1. Summer Splash classes over $30 require a $30 deposit at the time of registration to secure your child’s spot. The balance due will be charged to your card on file on 6/1 for classes with a June start date and on 7/1 for classes with a July start date. 

          2. School Year A $30 deposit is due to hold the child’s spot. The balance due will be charged to the card on file the Monday prior to the class.

        2. Current Students 

          1. Summer Students who are enrolled during the school year season may choose summer Splash classes as part of their ongoing Super Simple Monthly Fees. No deposit is required.

          2. School Year A $30 deposit is due to hold the child’s spot. The balance due will be charged to the card on file the Monday prior to the class.

    2. Cancellations If you need to cancel your Splash Class registration 8 days or more prior to the start date, you may contact the office for a full refund, including your deposit amount and any additional payments made to date. Cancellations for any reason for Splash classes made 7 days or less from the class start date will not be refunded but will result in a 75% tuition credit that may be used towards future classes. 

    3. Enrollment If a parent of a student who is registered for a Splash class subsequently elects to place the child into an ongoing class, the student becomes an enrolled student, and all policies pertaining to enrolled students shall apply. 


    1. Perpetual Enrollment: A student is considered “enrolled” when they sign up to take any weekly class, starting in any season. Enrollment rolls over from one season to the next. Students remain enrolled until such time as they graduate high school, withdraw, or are dismissed. 

    2. Enrollment Fee When a student enrolls in one or more weekly classes, a non-refundable enrollment fee is required per student at the time of enrollment to secure a spot in the class. 

    3. Super Simple Monthly Fee Inclusions Super simple monthly fees combine typical class-related expenses and package them into consistent budgeted payments that parents can depend on from month to month. Typical inclusions are listed below but may vary.

      1. Dewdrop Program The Dewdrop package includes tuition and one of each of the following: class uniform, dance bag, coloring sheet binder, and movement prop.  The physical inclusions are provided during the initial season the student is enrolled only. Additional items may be purchased separately as desired. 

      2. Sparkle & Ripple Programs Dancers will receive tuition, an annual class uniform, dance bag, class materials, and a generous spring performance package. 

        1. The Spring Performance Package includes:

          1. Performance & rehearsal fees

          2. Performance costume

          3. Performance t-shirt

          4. Performance video file 

        2. The Spring Performance Package does not include:

          1. Undergarments needed for modesty, comfort, or support, including tights, bras, briefs, leotards, or athletic support.

          2. Costume alterations

          3. Dance shoes

          4. Performance tickets

        3. Performance Package Eligibility:

          1. Students must be enrolled as of December 31 to be eligible for the spring performance package and to perform in the upcoming spring performance.

    4. Payment Method All accounts are required to have at least one valid form of payment saved in a secure payment profile in the student’s online Pure Dance Works account. 

      1. All Super Simple Monthly Fees will be auto charged to the primary card on the account. If more than one card is on file, any card may be charged if the primary fails.

      2. Account-holders may make payment for Super Simple Monthly Fees via the Make Payment option on their online account if desired, but this is not necessary.

      3. Super simple monthly fees may not be paid at the front desk or by mail.

    5. Payment Date

      1. Super Simple Monthly Fees are charged to a card on file in your student’s account on the 1st of every month until the student graduates or withdraws.

        1. June 1  - July 1 cover classes with June or July start date.

        2. August 1 - May 1 These 10 payments cover all tuition and inclusions for weekly classes that run during the school year, August-May. Students who are enrolled as of 8/1 will be charged their first Super Simple Monthly Fee for the school year season on 8/1.

      2. Late Enrollments

        1. Enrolling after 8/1 but before the first day of class: Students will pay the enrollment fee at the time of enrollment in order to secure a spot in class.  The first of the ten Super Simple Monthly Fees which was due August 1 will be charged to the card on file prior to the first day of class. The second monthly payment will be charged 9/1.

        2. Enrolling after the first day of class: When a student enrolls after the first class of the season, a catch-up fee will be due prior to the first class. The catch-up fee covers the cost of tuition and other inclusions not covered in the remaining Super Simple Monthly Fees for the season. Super Simple Monthly Fees will begin on the 1st of the upcoming month.

    6. Refund Policy Generally, all enrollment fees, annual placement fees, and Super Simple Monthly Fees are non-refundable. There are only two exceptions:

      1. Schedule Adjustment In the event that the studio alters the class schedule in such a way that the family schedule no longer allows the student to attend class. A pro-rated refund for tuition based on the date of change will be issued.

      2. 48-Hour Money-Back Guarantee Within 48 hours of your child’s first class, contact us to let us know you wish to cancel. We’ll send you a withdrawal form via email, and once you’ve submitted it, we will cancel your child’s enrollment and issue a full refund for your first month’s fees. The Money-Back Guarantee only applies to new students who have enrolled in weekly classes. The enrollment fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, and any materials your child has received are his or hers to keep. 

    7. Attendance Policy

      1. Tardiness A student is marked “tardy” when they arrive after the warm-up section of the class for any reason. 

        1. When a student arrives after the warm-up, they will learn by observing the class and taking notes rather than dancing for the day. This is for the dancer’s safety and out of respect for the teacher and classmates. 

        2. When a student is tardy three or more times for the same class, he or she will observe the class and be counted absent for the day.

      2. Absences Absences totaling more than 15% of the season’s classes (6 or more absences during the 36 week school year season) may affect a student’s progress, resulting  in any or all of the following at the teacher’s and/or director’s discretion:

        1. Moving down one level during the current season,

        2. Remaining at the same level the following season, and/or 

        3. Removal from the upcoming performance. 

    8. Make-Up Policy 

      1. Make-Up Class Definition Make-up classes are available for weekly group classes. They are scheduled in ongoing weekly group classes that correspond directly to the student’s own class or are similar. 

      2. Studio Cancelled Classes If the studio closes due to weather or a one day holiday, students in the affected classes will be allotted one additional complimentary make-up class per closure. The one day holidays we close for are Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. The weeks of Christmas and Spring Break are not included in the 36-week term and therefore are not eligible to be scheduled as make-up classes.

      3. Make-up Classes Cancel Absences When a student takes an appropriate make-up class, a prior absence will be removed from their record. In the event of excessive absences, however, private lessons may still be required to fully catch the student up.

      4. Optional Make-Up Classes For Occasional Absences Students who miss class for any personal reason (illness, vacation, school functions, etc.), may schedule an optional, complimentary make-up class up to 9 times per calendar year. Additional make-up classes beyond 9 may be scheduled at an additional cost.

      5. Required Make-Up Classes For Excessive Absences

        1. If a student misses more than two consecutive classes, s/he may be required to take a complimentary make-up class if available, or a private catch up class at the current private lesson rate, for each consecutive class missed beyond two in order to continue in the class. 

        2. If a student has excessive absences that have caused him or her to fall behind the class, the teacher may require private catch up lessons at the current private lesson rate in order to continue in the class and/or perform the Spring Production. This policy holds year-round but is especially utilized February - May when classes are rehearsing for the Spring Production. 

      6. Schedule In Advance Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance, either on the “Schedule A Make-Up” page of the website or by contacting the studio office. 

      7. Limited Availability Make-up class spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and do not have guaranteed availability. In the event that no make-up spots are available or do not fit the student’s personal availability, a private catch-up class at the current private lesson rate may be scheduled. 

      8. Make-Up Class Expiration 

        1. Make-up classes expire one month following the end of the season in which the class is held. 

        2. Make-up classes are only open to currently enrolled students, so taking a make-up class in a new season requires continued enrollment into the new season. 

    9. Prolonged Travel, Injury or Illness

      1. Holding Your Spot In the event that a  student will miss a series of four or more consecutive classes due to a prolonged trip, injury*, illness, or other life events, we will hold the student’s spot in class as long as monthly payments continue during the student’s absence. When the student returns, they may take regular make-up classes (if available) equal to the number of classes that they missed at no additional charge. The teacher or director may determine, however, that the student needs private catch-up lessons in order to be fully prepared for performance or to maintain placement at the current level. Private lessons will be billed at the current private lesson rate. Students refusing required private catch-up lessons may forfeit their spot in the performance and all related fees. *Injured students (eg: broken leg) who are able to attend class and observe must do so. They may also attend an equal number of included make-up classes if available and/or be required to schedule private catch up lessons at an additional cost once they are healed.

      2. Pausing Monthly Fees If a student with an upcoming prolonged absence for any reason of four or more consecutive classes plans to return as soon as possible, you may put a pause on your monthly payments. (Eg: leaving the country for a month.) No refunds will be given for payments made to date. The student’s spot is not guaranteed; the class could reach capacity before the student’s return. If the student was enrolled by 12/31 and therefore will perform in May, there will be a catch-up fee assessed for the non-tuition portion of the monthly class fee when the student returns to class. If the spot is still open, the student may re-enroll, but will not be eligible for free make-up classes for the time period s/he was absent. Private catch up lessons at the current private lesson rate may be required to prepare the student for performance. Students refusing required private catch-up classes may forfeit their spot in the performance and all related fees.

    10. Performance Participation 

      1. Performance Requirement A public performance is produced by the studio at an off-site venue in May. Dewdrop students do not perform. All Sparkle and Ripple students enrolled as of December 31 will participate in the performance. No refunds will be issued if a student does not perform. Student accounts must be paid in full to participate in the dress rehearsals and performance. 

      2. Late Enrollments Sparkle and Ripple students enrolled on or after January 1 will not participate in the performance until the following calendar year, but will still participate fully in class.

      3. Multiple Shows May Be Required 

        1. Intermediate and Advanced level classes may be required to perform in multiple shows.

        2. Families With Multiple Enrollments Students in multiple classes and/or siblings in separate classes may perform in multiple shows. 

        3. Roles Students may be cast in a unique role in the performance. This may require additional rehearsals and the necessity of performing in additional show(s). No additional costs for rehearsals or costume needs will be incurred.

      4. Absences in April & May Students who are absent or unable to fully participate in class for any reason more than once during April and May may need to arrange a private catch-up lesson at the current private lesson rate, or they may need to be removed from the performance. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and every effort will be made by the studio to keep the student in the performance. Students who are unable to perform will receive two tickets to the performance, and no refunds for class fees will be issued.

      5. Rehearsal Requirements Students must attend an in-studio rehearsal and a dress rehearsal at the performance venue. Failure to participate in these mandatory rehearsals may cause students to be removed from the performance with no refunds. One missing student can disrupt these vital rehearsals for an entire class or even the entire cast.

    11. Confirmation Windows & Individual Progress Cards Confirmation windows are periods of time during which parents confirm their intentions for the following season(s). Individual Progress Cards (IPC’s) are provided prior to the confirmation window and guarantee each student’s class placement for the upcoming season through the end of the confirmation window.

      1. Annual Confirmation Window | May 1-14 The primary confirmation window at the end of the school year season is May 1-14. Parents complete an online form to confirm their student’s intent to continue, withdraw, or pause their enrollment for the upcoming summer and fall seasons. A non-refundable Annual Placement Fee will be charged to the card on file on May 15 to reserve the student’s spot in the upcoming school year unless a withdrawal is submitted.

        1. Continue: Parents choose summer classes, accept the guaranteed fall class reservation(s), and/or choose fall alternate classes as available. 

        2. Withdraw: If the student will not be continuing beyond the current season, parents withdraw them during the Confirmation Window. If the student re-enrolls at a later date, the annual placement fee will be charged at the time of re-enrollment.

        3. Summer Pause: If the student will continue in the fall but wishes to pause for summer, parents indicate their desire to “pause” during the confirmation window. Super Simple Monthly Fees will be charged on June 1 and July 1 unless the student withdraws or pauses for the summer. 

        4. No Response If the form is not completed during the confirmation window, May 1- 14:

          1. The student will maintain “enrolled” status

          2. The non-refundable Annual Placement Fee will be charged to your card on file on May 15. 

          3. Super Simple Monthly Fees will continue on the first of every month (June 1 if no summer pause, August 1 if no withdrawal).

          4. The student’s reservation in the recommended fall class(es) will no longer be guaranteed; other students may claim their spot. You will need to select from available classes prior to August 1.

      2. Seasonal Confirmation Windows

        1. Summer Confirmation Window

          1. Students who enroll during the summer season will receive an IPC in July. The summer confirmation window is the last two weeks of the summer season. 

          2. Parents must indicate their child’s intention to continue in their guaranteed fall class or another fall class as available, or withdraw at the conclusion of the summer season. 

          3. An incomplete form will result in the student maintaining “enrolled” status. The fall class reservation will no longer be guaranteed, and the first Super Simple Monthly Fees for the fall season will be charged on August 1.  

        2. Dewdrop Confirmation Windows

          1. The first three weeks of each 10-week session serve as the confirmation window for the upcoming session(s). 

          2. We automatically reserve a spot, if available, for new students in the upcoming season(s) when they enroll.

          3. Parents confirm that they wish to hold the spot for their child or withdraw at the conclusion of the current session during the confirmation window. 

          4. Failure to complete the confirmation form will result in the student maintaining “enrolled” status, but the class reservation for the upcoming session(s) will no longer be guaranteed. The first non-refundable Super Simple Monthly Fee for the new season will be charged on the first payment date for the new season unless the student is withdrawn prior to the payment date.

    12. Withdrawals Parents may withdraw students from their current class(es) at any time by requesting and completing the official withdrawal form via email. 

      1. No further monthly payments will be added to the account beyond the date the withdrawal form is completed.

      2. Once the withdrawal form has been completed, the student will be unenrolled as of the last day of the current month. Students may continue to take class through the remainder of the month if desired.

      3. No refunds will be issued for any payments made to date. 


    1. Definitions

      1. Elective: The student wishes to receive private instruction for any reason. May or may not be an enrolled student.

      2. Required: An enrolled student is required by the studio to take private lessons as a condition of enrollment.  Also referred to as “private catch-up lessons.” 

        1. Older beginners ages 10+ wishing to enroll in Ripple 2 are required to take at least 6 private catch-up lessons. 

        2. Students with excessive absences or more than one absence in April or May may be required to take private catch-up lessons. 

      3. Single Student: The private is for one student only.

      4. Semi-Private: The private lesson time and cost is shared among 2-3 students.

    2. All private lesson students must create an account with the studio via the website and keep at least one valid form of payment on file.

    3. Private lessons may only be arranged through the office in conjunction with a Pure Dance Works instructor.

    4. All private lessons initiated through Pure Dance Works will remain under contract with the studio as long as the teacher is employed by Pure Dance Works and for the duration of his or her non-compete agreement. 

    5. Private lesson classes do not participate in studio performances.

    6. Fees cover tuition only.

    7. Payments are made directly to the studio via an automatic charge to the card on file.

      1. One time elective private lessons will be charged prior to the lesson. 

      2. Ongoing elective private lessons will be charged to the card on file in advance on the first of each month. 

      3. The six required private catch-up lessons for older beginners starting in a Ripple 2 class may be charged to the card on file in one or two equal installments according to the account holder’s wishes. The first payment, or the full payment if the account holder desires,  will be charged the Monday before the first lesson. The second payment will be charged the Monday before the 4th lesson. In the event that the first lesson is scheduled and completed before Monday, the 1st payment will be charged the day of the lesson. 

      4. Required catch-up lessons for excessive absences will be charged on the Monday before the lesson, or the day of the lesson if it falls before a Monday.

    8. Absences 

      1. Uncommunicated Absence 

        1. If a student misses any private or semi-private lesson with no communication, no refund will be issued. 

        2. Make-up Lesson

          1. Elective Privates - If a make-up lesson is desired and the teacher and a studio are available, an additional fee will be charged at the current private lesson rate. 

          2. Required Privates - A make-up lesson at the current private lesson rate for all required private catch-up lessons. 

      2. Communicated Absence 

        1. Single student private lesson - If the absence is communicated at least 24 hours in advance, the lesson may be rescheduled at no additional cost if the teacher and a space are available. If the studio is unable to reschedule, a 75% refund will be issued. 

        2. Semi-private lessons 

          1. Elective Privates - If a make-up lesson is desired and the teacher and a studio are available, an additional fee will be charged at the current private lesson rate for the number of students taking the make-up. 

          2. Required Privates - A make-up lesson is required at the current semi-private lesson rate for the number of students taking the make-up.

      3. Multiple absences for elective privates (more than 3 per year) may result in a cancellation of the private lesson.

      4. Failure to complete required private lessons may result in the student being moved down one level during the current season, not moving up to the expected level the following season, and/or being removed from the upcoming performance at the teacher and/or director’s discretion. 

  5. PERPETUAL AGREEMENT TO TERMS & CONDITIONS Your agreement to this document is perpetual as long as your child is registered for any class or is an enrolled student at Pure Dance Works. Enrollment is perpetual until the student completes their senior year of high school, or is withdrawn or dismissed. This agreement remains in effect for all future classes, regardless of the registration method. To cancel your agreement to this document and all future updated versions, you must submit an official withdrawal form for all students on your account to remove them from all classes at Pure Dance Works. 


    1. I understand that Pure Dance Works, LLC may change these policies at any time without notice. Any changes will be sent via email to all parents of enrolled student’s account. The current version can always be accessed in the private Parent Portal portion of the website.

    2. I expressly agree that this Waiver and Release, as well as the other Terms and Conditions contained herein, are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Indiana and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding the stricken provision, continue in full force and effect.

    3. I understand that by enrolling in any class, I am perpetually committed to this Enrollment Agreement until such time that my child(ren) graduates, are withdrawn or dismissed.