Enrollment Information


This page is meant to provide general policies for those interested in learning more about the benefits of enrollment at Pure Dance Works. Please be sure to read the entire Terms & Conditions agreement provided during enrollment for full policies and details. 

Ongoing Enrollment

  • Weekly classes meet once a week for 44 weeks out of the year; 36 weeks during the school year and 8 weeks in the summer.
  • New intakes occur each season, though students may register in a class at ANY time provided there is space available.  
  • Dance students will participate in an enchanting spring performance in May of the calendar year following their initial enrollment.
  • You may withdraw your enrollment at any time by requesting and completing the official withdrawal form.

Super Simple Monthly Fees
Super Simple Pricing is a fabulous benefit that combines typical class-related fees and packages them into consistent budgeted monthly payments that parents can depend on. Super Simple Pricing means parents know exactly how much their child’s participation in class will cost. You will love NOT having to pay variable, random fees due throughout the year. Please click here to view the details of the generous Super Simple Price Package.

Dress Code

  • Kindermusik students and caregivers should wear any comfortable, easy to move in clothing and socks to class. 
  • Dance students are required to adhere to their specific class dress code. Every student receives the required class leotard or t-shirt annually as part of their Super Simple Price Package. Please see the Dress Code page for details.


  • Kindermusik students are placed in class based on their age at the start of the semester. Multi-Age classes are available to allow siblings to attend class together or for parents who prefer a multi-age classroom for their child.
  • Dance students ages 3-7 are placed based on their age as of 10/1.  Because the curriculum is based on the age and corresponding developmental abilities of children in the fall and progresses incrementally throughout the school year, strict adherence to the age requirement is enforced.
  • Students ages 8 and up are placed in the appropriate Ripple Level classes based on experience and skill level.

Maximum / Minimum Enrollment
All classes have a maximum of 8-12 students.

    * Kindermusik Classes: 10 Max
    * Three-Year-Old Dance Classes: 8 Max
    * Four-Year-Old Dance Classes: 10 Max
    * Ages 5+ Dance Classes: 12 Max
All classes may require a minimum of 4 students enrolled to run.

Evergreen Enrollment
All classes offer evergreen enrollment, meaning that as long as there is space available, you can register for it. Sometimes people worry about enrolling in a class that has already begun; our philosophy is the sooner you start, the better. The developmentally-based aspect of our early childhood program means new students ages newborn - 6 years old will be presented with skills they are developmentally capable of in class. Older beginners may schedule private catch-up classes with a friendly and knowledgable instructor who will help them get up to speed with their weekly group class.

Hassle-Free Priority Class Selection
To provide a hassle-free registration process from year to year, weekly class members have the privilege of being automatically enrolled in the following season's classes based on their progress before registration is open to the public. Parents will have the opportunity to choose their preferred class times for the upcoming new season. You do not have to register and pay online after your initial enrollment. This hassle-free process for parents makes the transition from season to season seamless and simple.

Performance Participation 
Pure Dance Works produces a captivating dance story each spring. This public performance is held at an off-site venue in late May. All dance students will participate in the performance and receive the performance-related inclusions in May of the calendar year following their initial enrollment. For example, when a student registers in July of 2019, they will perform in May of 2020. A student who registers in January of 2020 will perform in May of 2021. Typically, two performances are staged each year with each class performing in one. This may vary depending on circumstances from year to year. Families with siblings or children enrolled in multiple classes may have children in multiple shows, though we make every effort to minimize this. All audience members ages 2 and older must purchase a ticket for the performance. 

Weather-Related Closing Policy
We rarely cancel any class except for necessary weather-related closings. If the studio is closed, the cancellation will be posted in the News section of the Pure Dance Works Home page, on WANE.com, and an email will be sent out to all affected classes. If you have opted into our text notifications, you will also receive a text. When we cancel a class, you may schedule a make-up class for your child on our Make-Up Scheduler at your option and convenience.

If you have any other questions regarding the policies at Pure Dance Works, please reach out to us at 260-637-9660 or info@puredanceworks.com.

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