Costume Care

Costume Distribution, Care & FAQ’s



Costumes are distributed in class the same week that they arrive.  

When costumes arrive:

  • In class try on: Students will try on costumes in class. 

  • Parents + Teachers Assess Fit: Parents will be invited to check them out if you are in the building. Teachers and parents will assess the fit. 

    • It Fits! If it looks good to go, the costume goes home with you that day. The costume should be hung in a safe place (mom's closet is a great idea) until Costume Week, Dress Rehearsal, and Performance. After that, it can live in the dress-up box!

    • Hmmm….Does It Fit? If there is any concern about fit, the student will be brought to Taylor, our Costume Manager, at the front desk. Taylor will determine the best course of action to remedy the situation. 

      • Too Big In most cases, if the costume is a bit big or baggy in areas, the solution is to make adjustments to the current costume. 

      • Too Small If it's too small to get on, usually an exchange for a larger costume will be initiated. Leave costumes to be exchanged with Taylor. 

  • If a parent is not present

    • Teacher Assessment: If the teacher assesses the fit to be ok, the costume will go home with the child. 

    • Try on within 24 hours Try the costume on your child within 24 hours to verify fit. Time is our friend when it comes to costume sizing solutions.  

    • 48-hour notification window: Please notify the studio within 48 hours of having the costume at home if you have any concerns about the fit. Waiting weeks to discover that the costume is too small will likely result in a much more difficult situation to fix. Letting us know right away will help promote a stress-free solution. After 48 hours, an exchange may no longer be an option, or an exchange may require expedited shipping at the parent's expense.  

General Costume Care:

  • If the costume is wrinkled, place it on a hanger in the bathroom with a hot shower running. Do NOT get the costume wet.  Do not launder or press costumes. 

  • Keep costume hung safely in a closet to allow wrinkles to fall out and stay out overtime. All tutus should be hung upside down to keep them fluffed. 

  • Keep all accessories and performance tights with the costume.


Time To Get Dressed! Costume Week, Dress Rehearsal, & Performance

  • Sparkle dancers (ages 3-6) may get dressed in their costumes at home. Cover and protect the costume with a large sundress or bathrobe at all times. 

  • Ripple dancers (ages 7+) should bring their costumes to the studio or theatre and change on location. 

  • Performance tights should remain sealed in the package until dress rehearsal. We suggest purchasing a spare pair to have on hand for emergencies at the performance. 

  • Never wear your dance shoes outside.

  • Undergarments Some dancers may need undergarments for support and/or modesty. The need varies by body type and costume, so each dancer must determine their need and secure the necessary items. Acceptable undergarments are: 

    • nude leotard, 

    • nude dance bra, 

    • nude briefs for ladies 

    • a dance belt for gentlemen. 

    • No “regular” undergarments are acceptable as they may show, thus adding to, rather than solving, any issues. 

    • A selection of approved undergarments is available by order from the Pure Dance Works apparel shop, or you may try Standing Ovation Performance Apparel on Coliseum Boulevard. 

  • Earrings are optional: Only diamond stud-type earrings are allowed; you may purchase the approved style from the Pure Dance Works Apparel Shop. 

  • Nail Polish: Absolutely no nail polish is allowed on stage. Even clear needs to be removed before the performance.

Costume FAQs:

Q: My child’s costume seems a little baggy (or a little tight) in places. What can we do to get a better fit?

A:  Children come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. Costumes are designed to fit "typical" proportions. Often the best fit may be a little baggy or a teeny bit tight in places. Our goal is to order the best fit for each student; a perfect fit is not always possible. Usually, a small amount of stitching, or even a safety pin, will take care of any areas that don't stay put on their own. We will be happy to suggest a solution. It is the parent's responsibility to make adjustments as needed. 


Q: Why don’t all students receive their costumes on the same day? 


A: Some sizes or styles are not in stock when the orders are placed and must be manufactured before they ship. This can take several weeks or months. Manufacturers often have a fairly tight exchange window in the event that a larger costume is needed. Therefore, it's imperative that we try costumes on students ASAP once they arrive so that we can take care of any sizing issues right away.  While we know that waiting can be hard, we want to assure you and your child that their costume WILL arrive before the show.


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