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Class Options

Pure Dance Works Class Options 2018-2019

Age as of 10/1/18 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3 Ballet 5:45 Ballet 11:00   Ballet 3:45
4   Ballet 5:15 Ballet 5:45 Ballet 1:00
Ballet 5:45
Musical Theatre 5:00
Ballet 4:30
Tap 4:45 Hip Hop 5:30
Tap 6:45
Musical Theatre 5:00
Ballet 5:45
Ballet 4:30
Hip Hop 5:30
7-10: Level 1 / A (Beginning / Intermediate)
7's: Preparatory Ballet 5:45
Musical Theatre A 5:00
7's: Preparatory Ballet 4:30 Tap 1 5:30
8-10's: Ballet I 5:15
Hip Hop A 6:15
Jazz 1 7:00
10-13 Yrs: Level 2 / B (Intermediate)
Tap 2 6:45
Hip Hop B 6:00 Jazz 2 6:30
Ballet II 7:00
Musical Theatre B 6:45
Modern / Contemporary / Lyrical (MCL) Swirl Class 7:45**
13* Yrs+: Level 3 / C Intermediate / Advanced
Ballet III 7:00
Jazz 3 6:00
Tap 3 6:15
Musical Theatre C 7:45
Hip Hop C 7:00
Advanced: Level 4***
Tap 4 (7:45 or 8:30)
Ballet IV/ Pointe**** 7:45
Jazz 4 6:45

*Older beginners age 13+ should reigster for a Level 2 / B class. You may inquire about private catch up classes that may help you get into a Level 3 class; placement is at the teacher's discretion.
**Pre-requisite of one year ballet or jazz and co-requisite of ballet or jazz for MCL Swirl.
***Level 4 dancers have demonstrated an advanced proficiency in the dance style. Teacher approval is required for enrollment. Please inquire if you would like to be considered for an advanced class.
****Ballet IV/Pointe requires co-enrollment in at least one additional weekly ballet class.

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Ballet Students Need Multiple Weekly Clases For Proper Training
All ballet students ages 7+ are strongly encouraged to take at least 2 ballet classes weekly to instil necessary muscle memory and to promote proper skill progression. Students will only perform with their primary ballet class. Tuition only is charged for the second or more weekly ballet class.

Your Primary Ballet Level: Your Additional Class(es):
Preparatory Ballet (7's) Take the other Preparatory Class OR Primary Ballet 2 as your second weekly class.
Ballet I (8-10's): Beginners: Preparatory Ballet. Experienced: Ballet II.
Ballet II (10-13's): Ballet I
Ballet III (13+) Ballet II
Ballet IV/Pointe (Teacher Approval Required): Ballet III, Ballet II, and/or Ballet I (One additional flat class is required.)


Placement for students ages 3-7 is based on their age as of 10/1. Because children in this age range have similar developmental abilities and classes are kept small, the amount of experience or level of ability rarely, if ever, affects these placements. 

Students ages 8 and up are placed based on experience and skill level according to the table below. 

Level Age Group Notes
Level 1 / A Ages 7-10 Beginning 10 year olds enroll in Level 1
Level 2 / B Ages 10-13 10 year olds with at least 1 year of experience enroll in Level 2
Level 3 / C Ages 13+ Experienced dancers only; Beginners enroll in Level 2
Level 4 / C Advanced Teacher Approval Required

What's up with Level 1 and Level A? Why the numbers and letters?

1, 2, 3, 4 Number level classes are ballet, tap & jazz. These are more technique based; students need a certain set of prerequisite skills to be successful in class. Older beginners are allowed to start in a level 2 class due to their advanced cognitive and physical capabilities. It's a good idea for true beginners in a level 2 class to take some private lessons to help them come up to speed with their class. Level 4 students must demonstrate an advanced proficiency in the dance style and obtain teacher approval for enrollment.

A, B, C Letter level classes are hip hop and musical theatre. These are less technique based styles and more based on the student's level of cognitive and physical, development. Students whose age appears in more than one age group (10 & 13) may generally enroll in either level.

This framework serves students well and causes a ripple effect by allowing new and experienced students in a close age range to inspire one another to new heights, even as everyone strives for personal progress. Teachers will assess students in class and make adjustment to their placement if needed.

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