COVID-19 Action Plan

Coronavirus Action Plan
As the Coronavirus pandemic evolves, we will keep you updated on this page about our plan of action through this uncertain time.


Update 3/25

Starting today, teachers will run their classes from home. We're keeping the same schedule as before. All details for accessing classes and bonus material are in your Virtual Classroom.



Update 3/20/20

Pure Dance Works families rock. It has been a blast to see so many students join their classes live, or see kids enjoying classes on social media this week. 


As we head into our second week of virtual classes, we want to share our commitment to you. 


  • We are committed to the safety of our students and the community. We will not re-open our doors as long as there is a mandate against public gatherings. As of today, that means May 4 would be our earliest day back in the studio together.


  • We are committed to maintaining employment for our staff and staying current on our bills. 


  • We are committed to providing virtual classrooms indefinitely. 
    • Live-stream classes for some Sparkle Students and all Ripple Students that allow students to connect with teachers and friends and enjoy fresh content weekly.
      • As a bonus, you can drop into any of the live stream classes anytime!
    • Recorded classes for Dewdrop and some Sparkle Students that can be taken again and again. 
    • Choreography videos allow students to practice at home anytime.
    • Printable resources that offer extensions to classroom learning and provide a variety of entertaining activities.
    • DanceWork for Ripple Students to keep them accountable, creative, and active.
    • Bonus Boredom Busters featuring music- and dance-related content.


  • We are committed to seeing our students shine on stage in Anne In Rhyme Land. The performance dates will most likely be adjusted. The best estimate at this time is the week of June 1. Our venue is being extremely cooperative and we will update you on exact dates and times as soon as we can as this epidemic progresses.


In short, we're not going anywhere. We are committed to bringing delight to your children in their virtual classrooms. Together we will discover new ways of doing things. We will develop connection, competence, and confidence in our students through this crisis. We are here for you. 


We ask that you would continue to have your child actively involved in their virtual classroom. We've built the virtual classroom platform from scratch in a hurry, and we'll continue to innovate and improve to provide your child with valuable content. Please stay connected. To put it bluntly, please don't withdraw your child. So much good can come from all of us sticking together. 


We understand that some families may be facing significant hardships over the next several weeks. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss a deferred payment plan in order to stay enrolled. Please understand that we operate on a very tight budget each month, and so we can only afford to offer this opportunity to those who truly need it. 


We are working harder than ever to bring you the most enchanting experience possible during this unprecedented period in human history. Thank you for your trust.


Future Season Updates:

Summer: At this time we are planning to hold summer camps and classes as planned.

Fall Placement: We will defer the $20 annual placement fee for fall classes from May 1 to July 1. Students will be able to hold their spot in class as soon as IPC's come out. At this time, we still plan to send IPC's in April. 


Past Timeline: