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6/10/17 Please Note: As of July 1, 2017, we will no longer utilize the current apparel shop provided by Orders may be placed on the current shop through 6/30/17. Updated information on an easier purchasing system will be posted by then. 
Welcome to the Apparel Shop!
The notes on this page explain our dress code policies. You may enter the apparel shop storefront via the link below.

While viewing apparel, please note...

  • On the top right of every class list there is a link that says "Notes from the instructor." Please click that link to read the specific dress code requirements for that class.
  • "Required Class Dress Code" means that this exact brand, style and color must be worn in class.
  • "Recommended for Class Dress Code" indicates that this type of item must be worn in class. The brand doesn't matter as long as the style and color are correct.
  • Please have students fitted for shoes at the front desk before placing your order to ensure correct sizing.

Please click the link below to enter the storefront and shop for apparel by class type. 


If you prefer to order dancewear over the phone, you may call 1-877-632-6234 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST. This is Noon-8:00 PM EST). Orders will be ready for pickup at the studio 1-2 weeks after they are placed.

How important is a dress code in dance class?
In addition to saving dance parents time and money, the dress code: 
1) Helps a young dancer understand they are going to a structured class (compared to unstructured playtime).
2) Unifies dancers, helping them to understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

3) Ensures that the clothing is not a distraction during class. 
4) Ensures that the dancer is appropriately dressed to be necessarily covered. 
5) Ensures that each dancer has the same brand, style and color of shoes and tights for on stage performances. 
The SOSOD Dress Code is mandatory; however, occasionally dancers will be rewarded with days when they may wear whatever they choose to class.

Personal Items (All Classes)

  • Hair must be in a neat bun on the crown of the head for ballet. A bun or ponytail is acceptable in all other classes.
  • Only small piercings are acceptable in class. No other jewelry is allowed for safety.
  • No underwear or bras that show, please. Traditionally, a leotard is worn without underwear or bras, like a swimsuit (even pre-schoolers). If desired, we advise dancers to wear nude dance briefs. Most leotards are supportive enough that a bra is not needed underneath. If you do require a bra under a leotard, even if it is a sports bra, it MAY NOT SHOW. Consider investing in a nude dance bra.
  • We do not allow bare legs with leotards. Pink tights must be worn in ballet class; tights and/or solid black shorts or pants must be worn with leotards in all other classes. 
  • Please cover up sports bras when not in class. 
  • Warm ups such as leg warmers and sweaters may be worn to and from class, but must be removed after the warm up portion of class is over.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside


  • Ages 3-6 wear a specific leotard, pink tights and shoes to every class.
  • Ballet for Age 7 and Ballet I wear a specific color and brand of leotard to class, along with pink dance tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.
  • Ballet IB, II & III wear a black camisole leotard, pink tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.
  • All other dance styles ages 7 and up: Any combination of tops available in our apparel shop and solid black bottoms is acceptable to wear in all non-ballet classes.
    • Acro: There are no flowy top options for acro - only tight fitting clothing is safe to wear.
    • Hip Hop: There are no required items for hip hop classes in keeping with the free-style element of the class. Students may wear any comfortable, easy-to-move-in, modest clothing and clean sneakers. Shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt are common. Hair must be out of the face. No jeans, jewelry, or bare torsos. 
  • SUMMER CLASSES - Dress code is relaxed for the summer.
  • Any leotard, tights (pink for ballet, pink or tan for all other styles) and dance shoes appropriate for the style of dance may be worn.
  • Shoes must be leather or canvas (no satiny bedtime / dress-up ballet slippers please :).
  • Hair must be in a bun for ballet; all other styles may wear a bun or pony tail with all hair secured off of the face and neck.
  • In non-ballet classes students may wear solid black shorts or leggings over their leotard if desired.
  • Ballet classes for ages 7+ may wear a short ballet skirt with their leotard if desired.
  • No warmups of any kind (leg warmers, sweaters, etc.) are allowed after the warm up portion of class is complete. 
  • Traditionally tights to function as underwear; if choosing to wear underwear, they may not show, even in pre-school classes. 
  • Students needing additional support under their leotard must choose dance bras that do not show.
  • Only small pierced jewelry is allowed in class for safety.
  • The basic boys dress code for all classes is a white t-shirt and solid black shorts or pants (no jeans).
  • Alternatively, boys may wear any combination of shirts and black bottoms found on the "Boys" tile in the apparel shop.
  • We recommend that boys over the age of 10 wear a dance belt or dance briefs (may be purchased anywhere, but available in the Undergarments tile of the apparel shop).
  • Summer dress code for boys remains the same.


The appropriate shoes must be worn to every class. Shoe style and color requirements can be found on each class type's tile in the apparel shop.

Studio Logowear
Logowear is ok in class with teacher approval. T-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, hoodies and hats are available at the studio. Please check with your teacher as different types of clothing are ok in different classes. For example, sweats and hats are only ok in hip hop, but ballet classes may not have anything other than the required leotard, tights and shoes. A t-shirt, tank top and/or leggings may be ok with teachers in all non-ballet classes.

Still have some questions? Below are some FAQ's to help you out: 
  • What can I buy at the studio?
    • We have a limited supply of leotards, tights and shoes available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    • We have sizing kits for all leotards and shoes at the studio. We will be happy to fit your child so that you are sure to order the correct size.
  • Do tops have to be ordered from the studio's apparel shop?
    • Yes - Only the exact leotard and top options in our apparel shop are part of the dress code.
  • Do I have to order bottoms from the studio apparel shop?
    • No - Any solid black bottoms including shorts with an inseam, leggings, jazz pants, and yoga pants are fine for all non-ballet classes.
  • When will orders placed from the apparel shop arrive?
    • Items will be available at the studio 1-2 weeks after you place the order. Occasionally it may take a few days longer during busy seasons.

Please email any apparel questions to