Liability Waiver, Release Form, Authorization Form, Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Registration and Enrollment at Pure Dance Works, LLC

Effective 6/28/17

Liability Waiver and Release
I understand and acknowledge that my child will be engaging in activities that may result in injury. My child has been cleared by his or her personal physician to take dance class or I am choosing without their recommendation to allow my child to participate. Therefore, I hereby release, waive and discharge Pure Dance Works, LLC, its owners and teachers, including any members, employees, agents, representatives and assigns of and from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action of whatever kind or nature, either in law or equity arising from or by reason of any bodily injury, personal injuries known or unknown, personal illness or property damage resulting or to result from participating in class or any other activities at the studio, or other off-site locations.
I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any personal injury, illness, or other loss that may be sustained as a result of the participation in activities at Pure Dance Works. It is my express intent that this Waiver and Release shall bind me, the members of my family, spouse, heirs, assigns and personal representatives. I understand that when classes or events are held off site, this waiver applies to other locations as well.

Additional Terms & Conditions
Placement I understand that the Director, in conjunction with the teachers at Pure Dance Works, will place my child in the appropriate class for his/her age and/or ability.
Studio Rules I understand that my child must follow all studio rules as outlined in the Manners for Dancers document. I understand that my child is required to follow dress code requirements, and that s/he will not be admitted to class without proper dress code. I understand that if my child does not follow studio regulations, s/he may be removed from class.
Registration Fee I understand that there is a non-refundable annual registration fee due with enrollment in school year classes. Returning students' fee is $25; new students' fee is $35. A student will not be placed in a class until the appropriate registration fee is paid. (In the event that a student registers before the schedule is published, and cannot be placed in a class once the schedule is ready, the registration fee will be refunded). Summer students do not pay a registration fee, but full payment for summer classes is due at the time of registration.
Performance Participation Agreement I understand that a public performance is produced by the studio in late May. Students are expected, but not required, to participate. Students must purchase a costume and other required apparel and accessories for the performance, and all items must be paid in full before they will be ordered. Payments may be made in any amount until 12/1/17, at which time all unpaid costume fees will be automatically charged to the card on file. Students who do not wish to participate in the performance must notify the studio in writing no later than October 15, 2017. Failure to notify the studio of non-participation will result in a costume being ordered for your child and a costume charge will be added to your account (to be auto-charged on 12/1/17).
I Will Inform the Studio of Conditions That May Affect My Child in Class I agree to inform the studio in the Comments field of my online registration form of any medical, social, emotional or other condition affecting my child that may relate to his or her participation in class. I will also list any known allergies as well as any custody issues.
Make Up Policy Optional Make Ups: I understand that in the event that my child misses a group class for any reason (illness, vacation, etc.), I may schedule up to 7 make up classes in another weekly class during the school year at no additional charge. In the event that the studio cancels a class for any reason (one-day holidays, weather, teacher illness, etc.), my child will be granted an additional make up class for each cancelled class. Make up classes MUST be scheduled online or through the office. The optional make up policy does not apply to summer classes.
Required Make Ups: I understand that if my child misses more than two consecutive classes, s/he may be required to take a makeup class for each class missed after two in order to continue in the class. In the event that no appropriate make up class exists, students may be required to take a private lesson at an additional expense.
I understand that it is my responsibility to schedule optional or required make up classes for my child. Recreational make up classes must be scheduled on the website on the Schedule a Make Up page. Make up classes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and do not have guaranteed availability. Recommendations for choosing appropriate make up classes are listed on the Schedule a Make Up page of the website.
Photo/Video/Audio Agreement and Release I agree to allow photos and/or videos of my child to be used in promotional material for Pure Dance Works, LLC. I also understand that security footage (video and audio) may be recorded in the building at anytime, and therefore understand that conversations and actions in the studios should not be considered private.
Social Media Policies I understand that the studio cannot police and is not responsible for photos, videos, or other content that other parents, students, etc. may post of my child(ren) online while attending a class or event. I understand that I am responsible for what I post online, and am expected to use common courtesy and good judgement when posting photos, videos or comments of other students and staff at the studio. This includes avoiding slanderous or misleading comments, as well as taking care not to post other student's private information such as names and locations. Choreography is privately owned material and may not be posted in it's entirety online without written permission from the studio's director.
Studio Correspondence I agree to be responsible for reading studio correspondence and respecting deadlines when applicable. I understand that email is the primary form of communication between the studio and parents, and I agree to read all emails in a timely manner, and to keep a working email address on my account.
Notice of Withdrawal Requirement Because the studio plans class schedules, physical and human resources based on enrollment, a written notice of withdrawal is required to stop the accrual of tuition charges. Once we have received written notification that a student has withdrawn, we will not charge the next monthly tuition payment. No refunds will be given for tuition that has already been paid, nor will charges prior to the day of the written notice be removed from an account. Students may continue to take classes that have been paid for after the withdrawal notice has been given.
-When the total monthly tuition for a family equals $130/month, a 10% discount is applied.
-When annual tuition is paid in full by the first day of class, an additional 5% discount applies.
Payment Options I understand that I may choose from these two payment options:
1.) Annual Tuition may be paid in a lump sum with cash, check or charge by the first day of class. A 5% discount will apply to all lump sum payments made by the first day of class.
2.) Nine (9)-Installment Payments may be auto-withdrawn around the 21st of each month (August 21, 2017-April 21, 2018) from a debit or credit card securely saved in my account.
Authorization To Charge My Card I agree to create and save a payment profile on my secure account with either a debit or credit card. I authorize Pure Dance Works, LLC, to charge my card(s) on file for my family's nine (9) installment payments between the 21nd and 23rd of each month, August, 2017 - April, 2018. In addition, I understand that my student may not participate in the performance unless all charges on my account are paid in full one week prior to the performance. I therefore authorize Pure Dance Works, LLC, to charge my card on file for any outstanding balances for any type of fee (tuition, costume, late fee, apparel, etc.) one week prior to my child’s recital date, or last day of class if not performing in the recital.
Late Fee I agree that the studio may charge a $10 late fee if my monthly tuition payment cannot be charged by the 26th of the month. For instance, if the studio runs the transaction on the 21st and my saved card is expired, the issuer declines the transaction, or there are insufficient funds in the account, an automated email will notify me that my card was unable to be charged. I agree to update my payment profile with a valid credit or debit card by the 26th of the month to avoid the late fee. If my monthly tuition payment has not been made by the 30th of the month, I understand that an additional late fee equal to 10% of my total balance due will be added to my account.
Returned Check Fee I agree to pay a $20 service charge plus any other applicable fees charged by the bank if my bank returns my check.
I understand that Pure Dance Works, LLC may change these policies at any time without notice.
I expressly agree that this Waiver and Release as well as the other Terms and Conditions contained herein are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Indiana, and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding the stricken provision, continue in full force and effect.

Please consider printing/keeping a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records.