Hip Hop 2

Hannah Moore
Pure Dance Works: 5 (map and directions)
Wednesday, 8:00 PM - 8:45 PM
Start Date: 08/23/17
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 05/16/18


Hip Hop 2 is a 45 minute intermediate level class. Minimum age is 8 with prior hip hop experience. Studnets will be assessed the first month of class to ensure proper placement for maximum personal skill development. 

Students learn a variety of hip hop styles, with an emaphasis on personal style development. Our hip hop classes are always squeaky clean and promote team-work, respect and putting forth your best effort.

Dress Code: Tops - Black tank pinch front leotard and/or PDW t-shirt. Bottoms: Ballet pink or tan tights with a leotard, and/or solid black dance shorts or dance pants optional. (No bare legs with a leotard.) Shoes - any clean sneakers*. All hair must be secured off the face and neck in a style of the student's choosing.
*Hip Hop costumes WILL include a specific sneaker for performance, which typically makes the costume fee more than costumes for other classes. Please be prepared for this additional costume cost, and keep in mind that the hip hop dress code requires very little up front cost.

Upcoming Meetings
03/21/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 03/21/18 8:00 PM
03/28/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 03/28/18 8:00 PM
04/04/18    <None> Wednesday (Spring Break) 04/04/18 (Spring Break)
04/11/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 04/11/18 8:00 PM
04/18/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 04/18/18 8:00 PM
04/25/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 04/25/18 8:00 PM
05/02/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 05/02/18 8:00 PM
05/09/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 05/09/18 8:00 PM
05/16/18    8:00 PM Wednesday 05/16/18 8:00 PM