Ballet I

Savannah Serban
Pure Dance Works: 5 (map and directions)
Wednesday, 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM
Start Date: 08/23/17
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 05/16/18


Ballet I is the first level of classical ballet technique, encompassing students who are beginners through lower intermediate level. Students age 8 (by 10/1) and older are developmentally ready to being the study of classical ballet. Classical ballet skills must be built up from the beginning; just as a student must learn basic computation before taking Algebra. Therefore, all beginning ballet students age 8+ need to start in this class, regardless of age. It is not unusual for students to stay in the same level for more than one year and this is not an indication of a lack of progress. Ballet IV is our highest, most advanced level, and most students will be in their mid-teens before they are ready for advanced classes.

The class meets once per week, though students at this level are VERY strongly encouraged to take at least one additional weekly ballet class in either another Ballet I class or Preparatory Ballet Class to facilitate good muscle memory and overall skill advancement. Enrolling in multiple classes per week is very helpful in progressing to the next level more quickly.

Because the curriculum is based on the age and corresponding developmental abilities of, strict adherence to the minimum age requirement is enforced.

Dress code is a black tank pinch front black leotard, pink dance tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. A short black dance skirt is optional. Hair must be in a neat bun. 

Upcoming Meetings
03/21/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 03/21/18 5:15 PM
03/28/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 03/28/18 5:15 PM
04/04/18    <None> Wednesday (Spring Break) 04/04/18 (Spring Break)
04/11/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/11/18 5:15 PM
04/18/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/18/18 5:15 PM
04/25/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/25/18 5:15 PM
05/02/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/02/18 5:15 PM
05/09/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/09/18 5:15 PM
05/16/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/16/18 5:15 PM