Ballet IB/II

Hannah Moore
Pure Dance Works: 5 (map and directions)
Tuesday, 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
08/22/17 - 05/15/18 (36 weeks)


Ballet IB/II is an advanced beginner / lower intermediate level classical ballet class. Students may be older beginners (11+), or must be at least 9 (by 10/1) and have at least 1 year of recent ballet experience and have attained lower intermediate classical ballet skills. Students will be assessed the first month of class to assure proper level placement.

On average, most Ballet IB/II students are older than 9 and have more than one year of ballet experience. It is not unusual for students to stay in the same level for more than one year, and this is not an indication of a lack of progress. Ballet IV is our highest, most advanced level, and most students will be in their mid-teens with several years of ballet before they are ready for advanced classes.

Students are VERY strongly encouraged to take at least one additional weekly ballet class in order to facilitate proper muscle memory and skill advancement. Ballet I is the recommended second class. Taking multiple ballet classes weekly is the best way to ensure that progression to the next level is happening as quickly as possible. 

Ballet IB/II students wear the Revolution black tank pinch front black leotard, pink dance tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. A short solid black dance skirt is optional. No bras may show under the leotard, and only small pierced jewelry is allowed in class. Hair must be in a neat bun. 

Upcoming Meetings
03/20/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 03/20/18 7:00 PM
03/27/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 03/27/18 7:00 PM
04/03/18    <None> Tuesday (Spring Break) 04/03/18 (Spring Break)
04/10/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 04/10/18 7:00 PM
04/17/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 04/17/18 7:00 PM
04/24/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 04/24/18 7:00 PM
05/01/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/01/18 7:00 PM
05/08/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/08/18 7:00 PM
05/15/18    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/15/18 7:00 PM