3's Musical Theatre (Add-on to Ballet* Only)

Hannah Moore
Pure Dance Works: 2 (map and directions)
Monday, 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM
Start Date: 08/21/17
Duration: 36 Weeks
End Date: 05/21/18

3's Musical Theater Add-On is a fun, developmentally appropriate 30 minute class for children who are three years old on October 1 of the current school year. Add-on classes are tacked on before or after ballet, allowing families a one-stop experience for multiple dance styles without exhausting our young dancers with back to back standard length classes.

Students are introduced to basic voice, acting & jazz dance skills with fun, easy to understand games & songs. In addition, dancers are taught to use their good dance manners by respecting other students, the studio and the teacher.

Students will learn two or three song-and-dance routines over the course of the school year, presenting the final dance at our spring performance. Parents will have the opportunity to view the other routines in the studio as they are completed.

This class is designed with the typical developmental abilities of 3 year old in mind. Children must be 3 by October 1 AND enrolled in 3's Ballet* to enroll in 3's Musical Theatre Add-On. Because the curriculum progresses incrementally from August to May and is based on the age and corresponding developmental abilities of the dancers in fall, strict adherence to the age limit is enforced. 
*Alternativley, 3's may enroll in this class if they are enrolled in any other standard-length (50-60 minute) class for 3's (ballet, tap or musical theatre).

Dress code for 3's a a mulberry pinch front tank leotard, pink dance tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. All hair must be secured in a bun or pony tail.

-->Want a full-length class? Standard 60 minute classes in this style are also offered and do not require enrollment in ballet.