Lyrical - Beginners Ages 8+: Summer Session

Kate Gray
Pure Dance Works: 2 (map and directions)
Mon - Fri, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
06/26/17 - 06/30/17 (5 days)


Explore the world of Lyrical Dance in five 30-minute classes Monday-Friday. A great introduction to beginners as well as a nice brush-up course for those with a year or two of previous lyrical experience. 


  • Age 8+ with at least one year of recent ballet or jazz training.
  • Co-enrollment in ballet and/or jazz (ballet is recommended over jazz if choosing one).

Lyrcial dance can be described as a fusion of ballet and modern dance. Dancers interpret the lyrics of the music with their movement.

*For more in-depth ballet training during the summer we recommend our Story Ballet Immersions. Immersions may touch on styles other than ballet, such as lyrical. Students who plan to start or contine dancing in the fall are encouraged to enhance their training by enrolling in both Summer Sessions and Story Ballet Immersions.

06/27/17    11:15 AM Tuesday 06/27/17 11:15 AM
06/28/17    11:15 AM Wednesday 06/28/17 11:15 AM
06/29/17    11:15 AM Thursday 06/29/17 11:15 AM
06/30/17    11:15 AM Friday 06/30/17 11:15 AM