Jazz for Beginners Ages 7+: Summer Sessions

Sierra Serban
Pure Dance Works: 5 (map and directions)
Mon - Fri, 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
06/26/17 - 06/30/17 (5 days)


Students ages 7 and up explore the world of jazz dance in five 30-minute classes Monday-Friday. Absolute beginners as well as those with 1-2 years jazz experience should enroll in this class. 

*Summer Sessions may be taken a la carte or in addition to any of our other summer offerings. Students who plan to start or continue dancing in the fall are encouraged to enroll in both Summer Sessions. Explore multiple dance styles in one-week Summer Sessions to discover what you love!

06/27/17    9:45 AM Tuesday 06/27/17 9:45 AM
06/28/17    9:45 AM Wednesday 06/28/17 9:45 AM
06/29/17    9:45 AM Thursday 06/29/17 9:45 AM
06/30/17    9:45 AM Friday 06/30/17 9:45 AM