How do I choose the correct class for my child?

For students ages 3-7, your child's age on October 1 of the current school year determines his or her placement in class for the school year. Therefore, choose the appropriate age group for your child's ballet, musical theatre, tap, or hip hop  based on his or her age as of Oct. 1. Our curriculum for ages 3-7 is specifically designed for the developmental abilities and progression of each age group over a 9 month period. For this reason, the age requirements are strictly adhered to. For parents of the child with the oh-so-close early October birthday, it may help to realize that the cut-off date is a grace period that runs from the time classes begin in late August until October 1. In almost all cases, students benefit from being the oldest in a class rather than the youngest, especially when they are new to dance.

Students aged 8 and over should be placed in classes based more on experience and attained skill level. Please read class descriptions to determine the most likely fit for your child. If you need help, give us a call at 637-9660 or email info@puredanceworks.com. Students may be reassigned to a different class level after assessment to ensure their continued success. 

How long are weekly classes during the school year?

Classes range from 30 to 90 minutes based on age and dance style. Our standard classes for all ages are typically 60 minutes long (three year-olds are 50 minutes). Please see Class Descriptions for complete details on each class type.

What is an average class size?

All class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student gets adequate attention. In addition, small class sizes help to facilitate a calm learning environment for our young students. Assistants are present in most classes for children ages 7 and under.

Age - Max Enrollment

  • 3 Year-Olds: 8 
  • 4 Year-Olds: 10
  • 5-7 Year-Olds: 12
  • 8 and Up: 15

What if my child has to miss a class because we are out of town or he or she is ill? 

No problem; our easy online Makeup Scheduler allows you to choose from a list of available makeup classes...up to seven per student. Students who register late in the year will be allotted a pro-rated number of make up classes. (Sorry, missed summer classes cannot be made up.) 

Can my child try out a class before I enroll her? 

Yes! Simply register for a free Demo Class. Please note, however, that while a child may regisgter for a demo class in a class that is full, enrollment can only be accepted in classes with space available. The Classes page notifies visitors of the number of spots left in a class or if there is a waitlist for the class. Demo students may wear any easy to move in modest clothing to their demo class. A leotard and tights is great, as is a pair of leggings with a tank top or t-shirt for girls or sweat pants and a tank top or t-shirt for boys. A selection of donated shoes may be avaible to borrow; please at the front desk.

What will my child need to wear to class? 

During the school year, all classes follow a specific dress code for girls and boys. Please see the Dancewear Page for complete dress code requirements. All classwear is available at the studio.

Do you have a competitive dance team?

No, we do not. When the studio was Steppin' Out Studio of Dance, there was a competition team. Since becoming Pure Dance Works the team no longer exists. This decision was made in large part in order to be able to better serve the students previously referred to as our "recreational" dancers. These dancers were about 200 in all, compared to about 50 competition studetns. In the interest of the 200, we wanted to be able to offer better class times, more back to back class options, and longer classes with solid technical and artistic content. The classes we offer now are typically longer and more technically advanced than what has been offered to "recreational" students in the past.

While we do not require any dancer to attend class multiple days per week, we have improved our offerings considerably so that students who come to even one class per week are getting a top-notch dance education in the style they choose to study. Students who want to enroll in multiple classes weekly will find the schedule much more convenient and conducive for that purpose. 

In light of this move to provide a super-solid dance education for all of our students, a couple of classes, namely lyrical and contemporary, do require a pre- and co-requisite of either ballet or jazz in order to enroll. Because lyrical and contemporary were both born in part out of jazz and ballet, it is important that lyrical and contemporary students have the basic technical background of ballet or jazz to really do well in these "bonus" classes.

We want parents and students to understand the "why" behind our policy changes, and see that we have the student's best interests at heart in making them.

Want more details or have other questions?
See the Policies Page and Terms & Conditions Agreement for additional details. You may email Info@puredanceworks.com or call 260-637-9660 and your questions will be answered quickly!