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Children are naturally creative. Play is a child’s job; it’s how they learn. Young students at Pure Dance Works experience the thrill of pretend play in every class, but the “playing” is purely a means to an end. From their very first class, children as young as three are learning how to perform princess or prince plies, stand in flamingo passe, and fairy bourree across the floor. As students mature, pretend play takes a backseat as developmentally appropriate technical skills come center stage. Throughout this progression, creativity is the thread that weaves a student’s learning together to produce technical and artistic dancers who shine on stage and beyond. 

Encouraging teachers and assistants guide students kindly through each class, giving clear instructions and consistent positive reinforcement. Teachers are trained in preventative discipline techniques that are used to encourage each dancer to behave respectfully towards others in class. When necessary, techniques of intervention are engaged to ensure that each student has a positive classroom experience and learns to interact appropriately with others in social settings. 

Because students ages 3-7 are placed in classes based on age, all classmates posses very similar developmental abilities. With practice, therefore, classmates are basically capable of performing the same physical skills, regardless of their previous experience. Naturally, new students will require a period of catching up as compared to experienced students. The actual class content is not beyond the reach of any students, and all will experience success as they progress through the curriculum together. This is beneficial in many aspects, including the ability it gives new students to enroll at any point in the year as long as there is space available in class. 

Children ages 8 and up are placed in classes based on their past expereince and current ability level, as developmentally they are now prepared to train in the true and full technical aspects of their chosen dance style. Age and development are no longer the determining factors in their class placement, and we will ensure that each student is in a class that best suits his or her current needs to ensure continued personal progress. 

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“My daughter loves going to ballet class here!” -Stephanie W.

“I am happy with the progress each of my kids have made over the past year and they enjoy showing off what they've learned to family and friends.” -Tiffany B.

Beyond having the necessary technical and artistic training needed to be a good teacher, all teachers at Pure Dance Works undergo teacher training to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to teaching each of our students in a way that is creative, encouraging and respectful. All teachers of 3-7 year olds must be trained and certified in the Leap ‘N Learn method of teaching dance to young students. This proven curriculum provides monthly lesson plans  that meets children where they are at developmentally, intentionally nurturing their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development along the way. Even the music is written specifically for licensed Leap ‘N Learn studios, and intentionally helps children develop musical awareness, a vital part of any dancer’s education. 

Learn more about Leap ‘N Learn, the licensed curriculum our young students learn from every week and find out what makes our foundational dance classes so special!

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Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Classes for students with learning differences are led by trained and certified instructors. These classes are hip hop based, and lesson plans are created based on student’s individual developmental goals. Students attend class with a caregiver, ensuring both personal support and great communication between the teacher and caregiver regarding the student’s specific needs. 

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Pure Dance Works also utilizes professionally designed and proven curricula in our hip hop, jazz, and tap classes. This benefits our students by ensuring uniform development of our dancers across the board. While we do not publish the publicly available curricula we use for these classes, parents of registered and prospective students are welcome to inquire as to the specific methods we use to train their children.

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